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Mobile Casinos

Enjoy online casino games on your mobile gadget. Get to know online casinos that will seamlessly run on your Android gadget, iPhone, or iPad.

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Mobile casinos have been on the rise in recent years and with every passing month they are becoming an even bigger part of the industry. As online casino fans are shifting towards their mobile devices including their smartphones and tablets, more and more online casinos focus on developing fully mobile-optimized gaming platforms which support a variety of mobile devices.

The most prominent names in the industry, including popular Filipino online casinos, have already adopted platforms that are fully accessible to mobile casino players. Players from the Philippines tend to enjoy more and more mobile gaming by the day. One of the most appealing things about mobile casinos is that they are easily accessed, so they allow players to enjoy their favorite online casino games more often and with less of an effort.  

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The Rise of a New Gambling Era

In 2018, the entire online gambling industry generated around $50.65 billion in revenues. Considering this fact, it is safe to say that online casinos are becoming one of the most prominent pastimes for people worldwide. When it comes to the history of the industry, it is quite interesting. The very first online casino opened its doors back in 1994. This happened after Antigua and Barbuda passed its Free Trade and Processing Act.

Thanks to this particular Act, organizations which wanted to establish and operate online casinos were finally granted regulatory licenses. The establishment of InterCasino marked the very beginning of the online casino industry. Later on in 1995, an online security company named CryptoLogic introduced its methods for safe and secure financial transactions over the internet. This same year, Microgaming launched its very first games including video poker, roulette, blackjack, and craps.

The following year, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission was also established. This commission regulated all online casino activities as well as issued different gambling license to various poker rooms and online casinos which were operating in the industry at the time. Only one year later in 1997, online casinos had increased in their number from fifteen which were operating in 1996 to around two hundred new websites which were established in 1997.

One year later, the online casino industry generated around $830 million. This same year, multiplayer casino games were also introduced. This was actually the very first time players were able to play games together and interact with each other. When it comes to the development of mobile casino gaming, the very first mobile casinos emerged on the scene in the early 2010s. Mobile casinos are considered to be the third stage of development in the online casino industry.

Humble Beginnings for Mobile Casinos

With mobile devices rapidly gaining in popularity, the number of Filipino mobile casinos is increasing almost on a daily basis. Today, mobile devices are starting to overtake desktop computers as the number one type of devices used to surf the internet. That, in turn, is making online casino providers turn their attention toward optimizing their platforms for mobile users.  

Nowadays, players from the Philippines have a variety of options when it comes to playing their favorite online casino games on the go. They can enjoy their favorite online slots, classic table games and much more whenever they want, from whichever location. For players, it is enough to have a mobile device such as a smartphone or a table with a stable internet connection and they can access any game they like.

Following a remarkable increase in the usage of smartphones and other mobile devices in the entire entertainment industry, prominent casino operators could not close their eyes and overlook this rising trend. They simply could not allow their business not following the latest trends. Therefore, they focused on the optimization of their mobile casino projects, invested in their mobile-optimized gaming platforms and marked the beginnings of the mobile casino era.

Mobile versions of online casinos are extremely important for the entire industry especially with recent technological advancements which aim at reaching wider, global audiences. Unlike desktop online casino versions, mobile casinos provide players the amazing opportunity to play real money online casino games while on the go.

The actual list of mobile device-optimized casino games includes a variety of online casino favorites such as poker games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, instant-win games as well as slots and other games. The truth is that online casino operators from the Philippines are fully adapted to offer mobile casino games. Software providers are also focusing on creating games for mobile players and are using technologies which make their games fully playable on tablets and smartphones.  

The entire mobile casino industry definitely follows the latest trends becoming better every single day. The industry is focused on simplifying the gaming processes and making casino platforms as simple as possible. Mobile casinos must also take into account the fact that not players can sometimes experience issues with mobile internet connections. Therefore, when players lose signal while playing games on the go, systems are in place which enable them to continue their session uninterrupted when their connection is back.

Technologies Behind Mobile Casinos

As previously mentioned, tablets and smartphones definitely hold the major spot among mobile devices which are used to play mobile casino games. These devices have partially overtaken desktop computers and laptops as means for playing online casino games. This is actually the most important fact which motivates online casino operators to expand their businesses into the mobile casino industry.

When it comes to mobile casinos technology, HTML5 is the global standard used for the development of mobile casino games. This technology is actually a universal format which uses scalable vector graphics to create games that offer the same level of quality across devices, regardless of screen size and resolution, which has made it perfect for mobile casino games development.

The mobile casino apps which are based on this technology also provide a stable and beautiful picture, great graphical solutions and smooth gameplay to every player, regardless of his or her mobile device, internet stability and other factors. Moreover, HMTL5 mobile casino games are usually less demanding than games developed in Flash format. In fact, every modern mobile device including the low-budget devices can easily handle these types of games which makes them perfect for the mass market.

It should be noted that HTML5 technology was originally developed as hypertext markup for web pages. However, thanks to its updated functionality followed by its updated releases, HTML5 started being used for other multimedia features including the development of mobile casino games. All prominent gambling developers quickly recognized the advantages of the newly updated HTML5 technology and started using it for their fully mobile-optimized gaming platforms.

The amazing beauty of this format is that there are no plug-ins, no add-ons from third-party software and APIs required to launch mobile casino applications. It should be noted that HTML5 technology supports all types of scalable vector graphics while interactive features and animations are developed using Canvas. The technology also supports CSS sheets while video and sound are supported by JavaScript.

  • The majority of Filipino mobile casino games run on the HTML5 technology
  • HTML5 technology makes it possible to create games playable on all devices
  • Mobile casino games feature extraordinary video and sound features developed in JavaScript
  • The mix of these modern technologies makes mobile gaming fast and smooth

The Advantages of Mobile Gaming

With the rise of the mobile casino industry, players from the Philippines have a variety of options when it comes to mobile gaming. No matter on which mobile device players enjoy their favorite online casino games, they can save their valuable minutes and take the most out of their leisure time as accessing mobile casino games is fast and simple. Players are actually several tap away from playing their favorite games regardless of their location.

Thanks to all of this mobility present today, top-rated Filipino online casinos offer the exact same gaming opportunities as desktop computer-based online casino games in terms of their gameplay, looks, video, and sound features as well as bonuses and promotions. Moreover, these types of casinos also employ the latest security and safety measures providing only safe and reliable mobile gambling environments.

Another advantage of mobile casino games is that it is possible to take a break without ruining the entire gaming process. This is especially important for players who may not have stable Internet connections on their mobile devices due to their location or some other factors. In addition to these benefits, mobile casinos are easily accessible via App Store and Google Play depending on which mobile device players have.

Thanks to the mobile-optimized platforms, the entire mobile casino gaming process is very stable. In addition, the majority of client software actually allows players to play mobile casino games offline. In these cases, players have to access download links from their chosen online casinos’ websites.

These fully mobile-optimized clients completely adapt the games to different mobile platforms, so players do not suffer any type of inconveniences. Casino apps are free to download or are playable instantly in mobile browsers and the best ones are completely clutter free, only leaving the important elements on the screen and removing all the unnecessary banners and buttons.  

  • With mobile casinos, players actually save their valuable time
  • Mobile casino games come with extraordinary quality and features
  • Some mobile casinos offer bonuses and promotions strictly related to mobile games
  • Mobile casinos employ the latest security and safety measures
  • When needed, players can take a break during the mobile gaming process
  • Downloadable mobile casino apps bring greater accessibility and convenience

Mobile Casino Games 

Fortunately for players from the Philippines, the majority of mobile casinos do not lack in their gaming library departments. The truth is that players can access a variety of games on their mobile devices without compromising their quality, gameplay and other important features. Following the rise of the mobile casinos, more and more mobile casino games are available to players regardless of the mobile device used. Some of the most popular mobile casino games available to players from the Philippines include:

  • Mobile Slots
  • Mobile Video Poker
  • Mobile Poker
  • Mobile Roulette
  • Mobile Blackjack
  • Mobile Baccarat
  • Mobile Craps
  • Mobile Live Dealer Games

All these types of mobile casino games feature the exact same rules, gameplay and other features as their live cousins. Therefore, playing mobile slots feels exactly the same as playing slots in a live casino or on your desktop computer. The same applies to other mobile casino games. In addition, mobile casinos use the mobile devices’ touchscreen technology in order to provide a more immersive and more intuitive gaming experience.

Some mobile casino games also come in different versions. Therefore, fans of roulette can explore mobile European or American Roulette while fans of video poker can play Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild as well as many other variants. Mobile Blackjack also comes in a variety of forms running on different software platforms.

When it comes to mobile live dealer games, players from the Philippines can usually access live blackjack, live roulette, and live baccarat. Some of the top-rated Filipino mobile casinos also offer live Caribbean Stud Poker and other live games to their mobile users, making the mobile casino experience even richer.


Where can I find mobile casinos?

The online casinos listed on this page are all fully optimized for mobile devices and offer a complete mobile casino gaming experience.

Do I need to download a mobile casino app or I can play via my internet browser?

This depends on your chosen mobile casino. While some Filipino mobile casinos require you to download their mobile casino apps, most will allow you to play in your mobile internet browser. If both options are available, the choice is totally up to you.

Is playing mobile casino games safe?

Yes as mobile casinos just like other online casinos use the latest security and safety measures in order to provide safe gambling environments to all players regardless of their mobile device.

What are the most popular mobile casino games?

Mobile slots and mobile live casino games are the most popular mobile games but other games are also played by segments of the casino players population.

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