High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonus seekers can find the large bonus offers and VIP promotions on these online casinos rewarding VIP players and high rollers.

Name Bonus  
Joo Casino Exclusive $1000
Sun Palace Casino Exclusive $10000
Vegas Casino Online Exclusive $10000
Las Vegas USA Casino Exclusive $10000
Slotum Casino Exclusive $1500
Zen Casino Exclusive €500

As suggested by their name, high roller casino bonuses are reserved for both beginner and veteran online casino players who usually make loftier deposits and bet larger at their chosen online casino venues. The best Filipino online casinos usually offer plenty of bonuses and perks to their most loyal and highest betting players.  

The best, most lucrative high roller bonuses are specifically tailored to suit VIP players who are often called “the whales” or simply high rollers who are willing to invest more in their online gaming experience. Before players from the Philippines decide to hop on their gaming journey and potentially grab their high roller bonuses, they should check their bonus terms and conditions as well as other valuable info regarding their VIP bonus.

What Are High Roller Bonuses?

Before we get into more detail regarding lucrative high roller bonuses offered by the best Filipino online casinos, we need to understand what the high roller bonuses actually are. Online casinos usually offer high roller bonuses as match deposit bonuses.  

In other words, high roller bonuses are more generous match deposit bonuses which offer more value and bigger match percentage but usually also require a hefty deposit. These bonuses are perfect for players from the Philippines who are willing to invest more and deposit larger amounts of money. Depending on the chosen casino, a typical high roller bonus may look something like this:

  • a 50 % match up bonus up to €/$1000 on players’ first deposit plus increased betting limits
  • a 50 % match up bonus up to €/$3000 on players’ first deposit plus Free Spins
  • a 75% match up bonus up to €/$1500 on players’ first deposit
  • a 100% match up bonus up to €/$2000 on players’ first deposit

While regular online casino bonuses are the most important advertising tool online casino operators use for attracting more players, high roller bonuses are aimed at casino players who are considered very important at a given casino. Hence, high roller bonuses are also called VIP bonuses. Fortunately for high rollers from the Philippines, the best Filipino online casinos offer plenty of VIP bonuses to their most loyal and dedicated players.  

The Difference between Regular Match Deposit Bonuses and High Roller Bonuses

As previously mentioned, high roller bonuses are actually match deposit bonuses, but there are several differences between them. First of all, high roller bonuses are specifically tailored to suit high rollers or players who tend to bet more at their chosen online casinos. In general, a person is considered a high roller when he or she is betting more than your average casino players.

Reputable Filipino online casinos allow their players to make plenty of big wagers and they award players who do with generous VIP loyalty clubs and other regular promotions for their high roller players. High rollers definitely get to enjoy special treatment anywhere simply because they are willing to wager more money. Unlike high roller bonuses, regular match deposit bonuses are suitable for all players no matter their bankroll.

The major difference between regular match deposit bonuses and high roller bonuses is that high roller bonuses offer higher values in terms of bonus money than the regular ones. Hence, the minimum deposit amount related to high roller bonuses is usually higher but so is the maximum deposit which the casino will match.

Special Treatment Provided to VIP Players

Online casinos definitely provide special treatment to their VIP players or to their high roller players who have bigger bankrolls and who are ready to bet loftier money amounts. This is something you can also see in live casinos around the world who also run special programs and award their VIP players with special treatment and rewards.  

The rewards coming within VIP bonuses and VIP loyalty programs usually range from lucrative VIP tournaments, amazing cashback bonuses, special prizes, lucrative cash prizes as well as personal account managers. It should be noted that every Filipino online casino offers different VIP loyalty programs so the actual prizes players can expect can differ. The best VIP promotions and clubs suitable for high rollers usually offer several rewards including cash back bonuses, cash prizes as well as other special gifts.

It should be noted that VIP loyalty programs tend to differ from one casino to another. For this reason, players from the Philippines should check different VIP loyalty programs offered around in order to take the most out of their high roller bonuses. With the high roller bonuses offered at the top online casinos, VIP players can enjoy a real royal treatment.

VIP Loyalty Programs and Exclusive Prizes

As we already discussed, high roller players do not only get to enjoy lucrative high roller match deposit bonuses which can offer thousands in bonus money, but they also get to take advantage of lucrative VIP loyalty programs suitable for players who are willing to invest more and gain more. Each online casino VIP loyalty program is different with different perks and every VIP player can certainly find something suitable for himself.  

Being a VIP member of any Filipino online casino definitely comes with many advantages. Being a VIP player means you get to enjoy a truly enjoyable, very rich gaming experience which is completely tailored to suit a lavish lifestyle and high roller casino gaming.  

In addition to generous high roller welcome bonuses, high roller players also get to take advantage of lucrative deposit match bonuses, cashback bonuses and much more offered by the best VIP loyalty programs. Being a VIP at your chosen casino brings many perks such as:

  • Access to exclusive games
  • Invites to big tournaments and events
  • Access to more generous High Roller bonuses
  • Dedicated personal hosts
  • Higher withdrawal and deposit limits

Thanks to VIP loyalty programs offered by the best Filipino online casinos, players from the Philippines get to enjoy more generous rewards when they gamble online. Online casinos, in fact, show their gratitude for players’ loyalty for their casinos, so their VIP players get more for their money in terms of special rewards and special bonus offers. They also get to enjoy unlimited deposit and withdrawal options, special live casino games and much more.

How to Become a VIP Player?

In order to become a VIP player and enjoy all the perks offered by generous VIP loyalty programs, there are two most important things you need to keep in mind, your bankroll and frequency of playing. It should be noted that entry requirements for VIP programs tend to vary from one online casino to another, but most often the amount of money you have to wager tends to be the most important factor in determining who gets into the VIP club.

This means that the main key to becoming a VIP player is your bankroll or how much money you can actually invest and the size of the bets you are willing to make. In addition to this important factor, in order to become a VIP player, another factor is your betting frequency or how often you actually play at the particular casino site. This factor definitely impacts your online casino status, so becoming a VIP player means you need to bet big often, not only in one gaming session.

How to Claim My High Roller Bonus?

High roller bonuses are usually issued in the form of match deposit bonuses. These bonuses have a high maximum value and are usually issued with favorable wagering requirements and other terms and conditions. The very first step towards claiming your high roller bonus is, of course, registering at your chosen online casino. Upon registering, you may need to enter a bonus code in the cashier section. If this is the case, you will find the bonus code listed somewhere in the casino’s bonuses and promotions section or at an affiliate website.

Once you have entered the code into your cashier section, the casino usually automatically redeems it for you. However, in the majority of cases, you do not need to enter any code, as you become eligible for your high roller bonus as soon as you deposit the minimum bonus qualifying amount. At this point, casinos usually automatically give you your bonus and you are ready to play. As with other types of bonuses, high roller bonuses come with certain terms and conditions.

Before actually claiming their bonus, players from the Philippines should definitely carefully read all details regarding the bonus in question. What players should study is the bonus wagering requirements, bonus expiration date and of course check if there is a certain bonus code listed on their chosen casino’s website.

High Roller Bonuses Terms and Conditions

Every type of bonus including the exclusive high roller bonus comes with certain terms and conditions related to it. Depending on which high roller casino bonus players from the Philippines choose, there will be different wagering requirements attached. These types of bonuses usually come with wagering requirements of 35x up to 40x. This means that players have to wager their bonus amount as well as their deposit amount thirty-five to forty times in order to withdraw their bonus winnings and possibly the bonus amount itself if the bonus is cashable.

This is definitely something to consider prior to claiming high roller bonuses. It should be noted that the majority of match deposit bonuses come with certain wagering requirements so this is not something related specifically to high roller bonuses, but to all online casino bonuses in general. Prior to claiming their high roller bonuses, players should also check the minimum qualifying deposit amount which is usually somewhat higher than it would be for a normal match deposit bonus. In turn, the maximum amount players can get from a VIP bonus is also significantly higher.  

The Advantages of Being a VIP Player

The most obvious perk of being a VIP or a high roller player are the generous high roller welcome bonuses which usually offer thousands in bonus money to players who are willing to make those large deposits and bet big. These bonuses are massive with reasonable wagering requirements which do not negatively differ from wagering requirements related to standard match deposit bonuses.

In addition to this advantage, high roller players get access to exclusive tournaments and events, get access to personal account managers, and become eligible for special rewards and cash prizes including generous cashback bonuses and reload bonuses offered to VIP players.


What is the difference between a High Roller and a standard Match Deposit Bonus?

The major difference between a high roller and a standard match deposit bonus is that a high roller bonus offers a larger bonus money amount than a standard match deposit bonus meaning that it has a higher value when compared a standard bonus.

What are benefits VIP players get to enjoy?

VIP or high roller players get to enjoy all kinds of benefits such as access to exclusive games, access to special tournaments and events, no limits on deposits and withdrawals as well as access to special weekly or daily cashback bonuses with more generous cash prizes and other surprises.

Is there a minimum wagering amount required to qualify for High Roller bonuses?

Yes, in order to become eligible for high roller bonuses, players have to wager a certain minimum qualifying amount which differs from one casino to another as well as from one high roller bonus to another.

What games can be played with High Roller bonuses?

High roller bonuses are usually connected to a variety of online casino games ranging from exciting online slots to live dealer games and other table games. In most cases, you will be able to play any games of your choice, while some bonuses may be restricted to live games or video slots.

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