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Have you been wondering who keeps your gaming sessions safe and secure from predatory venues? Do you want to discover the power structure behind casinos? Dive into the exciting world of secure gambling and learn everything there is to know about the organizations that keep you safe.

The Middle Ages were a very turbulent time filled with countless horrors, tragedies, and suffering. However, they were also marked by the development of mercantilism, architecture, and art that we cannot get enough of. The backbone of this development were towns and cities. Said towns and cities could only organize markets and fairs if their overlord gave them written permission to do so. With said permission also came the right to build a protective wall, which was the natural ambition of every medieval settlement. The lords and ladies of these towns were the regulators of trade and kept their subjects in check. The same principle has been applied to modern gaming venues. Their overlords are, however, not lords and ladies but regulatory bodies that put the interests of punters first.

A licensing or regulatory body will keep you safe from predatory venues by auditing them in advance. This approach is true of both land-based and online casinos, which all contribute to the overall gambling culture. Join us in this exciting guide and learn more about the watchdogs that keep us safe.

Licensing and Regulatory Bodies

The Philippines, just like every other country, have local laws and regulations that limit what an online gaming venue can and cannot do. Licensing and regulatory bodies enforce these laws and regulations that make or break a casino in its infancy. The legitimacy of established organizations feeds into the quality of a gaming venue, which is why being licensed and regulated by the best in the world is a privilege. These industry leaders include:



Established through Presidential Decree 1869, the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) is a government-owned and controlled firm that ranks as the country's third-largest revenue contributor to the government, following the Bureau of Internal Revenue and the Bureau of Customs.

Visit PAGCOR Website


Curaçao eGaming

This idyllic island retreat is home to one of the most respected licensing bodies in gaming. Their gaming license packages provide everything that an online gambling site may need. They cater to everyone from startups to entrepreneurs and industry veterans. The best in the business know how vital a Curaçao sub-license is.

Isle of Man

The trend of regulators based on islands continues with this Gambling Supervision Commission that can trace its roots all the way back to 1962. Their services are not limited just to licensing and regulation of gambling operations. They also touch on all online gambling activities.

Malta Gaming Authority

Malta was once home to the Knights Hospitaller, an ancient order of warrior monks that were essentially a holy order of Christian pirates. This island fortress is nowadays renowned for its modern banking and gaming solutions. An exemplary entity is the Malta Gaming Authority, which regulates both land-based and online venues. Their reach includes casinos, slot machines, betting offices, fantasy sports, lotteries, B2C, and even B2B services.

Auditors and Testing

Licensing and regulatory bodies are great inventions, but they would be toothless tigers were it not for auditors and testers. These specialized agencies protect gamblers proactively by drilling into the gambling options of online casinos and testing out their casino games and protocols. The latter range from generic deposits to various withdrawals and sign-up processes. The best online casinos in the business are proud of these audits and tests, so you can expect them to clearly display them to visitors. Check out the following industry leaders and see what they focus on.


eCommerce Online Gaming Regulations and Assurance, or eCOGRA for short, was established in 2003. What was once an obscure company is now an industry giant responsible for countless tests. You can expect eCOGRA-tested venues to have detailed reports.


This testing lab polices the industry and makes sure that operators stick to industry standards. You can rest assured that a casino is fair if it passes BMM's tests.

QA Labs

This international organization, known as Quality Assurance Laboratories, examines both land-based and online gambling operators. They check both gambling operators and the math behind game results in order to assure fairness. Moreover, they focus on payout calculations and look for any anomalies.

Quinell M Limited

This testing lab has offices in Malta, Italy, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. These outposts are renowned as some of the best in the business due to their testing. The latter is focused on technical compliance and land-based gambling machines.


Gambling Laboratories International caters to land-based and online venues. You can find it in Wales, Australia, and several other corners of the globe. They test platforms, RNG, games, and security.

Eclipse Compliance Testing

This US-based facility focuses on land-based and online gambling in North America. They are marked by objective testing, certification, and consultation.

Trisigma B.V

This certified and accredited organization does not only cooperate with operators to guarantee legitimate gambling outcomes, but it also develops its own games. Their selection of casino games is as remarkable as their auditing services.

SQS Group Limited

This London-based operator has been providing the online gambling industry with handy tools since 1996. They are dedicated to providing quality at every step in the gambling process.


This company is renowned for being a compatibility watchdog. They put countless devices through the paces and see how they react to different games and venues. Their dedication to slot, table game, and lottery safety is unmatched.

iTech Labs

iTech Labs is synonymous with quality testing. Few organizations come close to the respect that iTech Labs possesses among gambling sites and casinos. Their roots stretch back to 2004, and they are renowned as some of the best testers focused on quality gambling, accountability, and fairness.

Gaming Associates

This organization belongs to the old guard of iGaming auditors and testers. Their roots stretch back to the 1990s, and their reputation is uncanny. They are dedicated to upkeeping the quality of gambling sites and lotteries.

Reporting and Dispute Centers

The safety switches and policing agencies that we have mentioned are a wonderful safeguard in today's online gambling world. However, some sites still go rogue or simply choose to ignore said agencies. This is where dispute centers come in and save the day. They are your last bastion of defense against unfair and unsafe practices. Note that this also encompasses payment disputes or random closures of your account.

IBAS Dispute Site

Our research and experience have shown that IBAS passes impartial and fair verdicts whenever a dispute between an online casino and a customer arises. Their adjudication panel takes into account every nuance of a report prior to reaching a decision.



The safest online casinos in the business possess a mixture of the best security and safety solutions and first-class licensing. Nothing beats a fully licensed casino. Note that there are several such venues in the Philippines.

Yes, it does. The only legal casinos in the Philippines are those that have licenses acquired from regulatory bodies.

This is a certificate of quality that shows a casino’s adherence to laws, regulations, and industry standards. Another crucial prerequisite to obtaining a license is an audit.

A Filipino has to be at least 21 to gamble online. Note that this limitation differs from country to country.

Yes, it is. You can join countless safe and secure online casinos based in the Philippines. Note that we have a list of recommended venues that you should focus on since they are of guaranteed quality.

Do not fall for this trap. Predatory casinos offer to set this type of lure to snag unsuspecting punters and rob them of their funds. Only attend casinos with licenses.

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