A Dive into The Top Online Casino Progressive Jackpot Games of 2023

Have you always been fascinated by progressive jackpots but did not know where to start? Use this handy guide to explore the exciting world of progressive jackpot slots, card, and table games. Never miss an opportunity by keeping tabs on the latest and greatest jackpots. Explore the best jackpot games in the business with our useful list of the top online progressive jackpot casinos and more in this detailed guide.


We are all familiar with the term jackpot. We use it to describe lucky achievements, incredible rewards, and occasionally even the perfect partner. However, very few of us are aware of its surprising origin. While numerous terms in the modern English vocabulary have obscure origins, such as bank being a descendant of the Italian term "banca" meaning bench or counter on which money was lent, there are terms such as jackpot whose origin is obvious, but we simply never think about it. The word jackpot came into being in the 19th century thanks to a card game's opening move. The goal of the game was to start with two jacks. If this requirement were not fulfilled, the round would be over, and money would be added to the pot. Since it took jacks to collect said pot, it quickly became known as "jack pot", so a pot accessed by jacks. How’s that for simplicity?

Casino games have come a long way since the 19th century. Centuries of innovation, technological breakthroughs, and evolving tastes have culminated in games that would be unrecognizable to the punters of old. However, they would surely appreciate mechanics such as progressive jackpots.

Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat. – Malcolm Forbes

A progressive jackpot requires a lot of losses to grow. Its basic mechanic is that it takes a small chunk of each bet and adds it to the jackpot, making it progressively larger. This process can produce record-breaking jackpots that completely change the lives of lucky winners. Stay tuned to learn more about how they work, how you can partake in them, where you can pursue them, and how you can maximize your chances of landing them.

Progressive Jackpots in A Nutshell

Conventional casino games make a jackpot a static prize that blows all others out of the water. This prize is often the main incentive for players to partake in various casino games, as one lucky spin, hand, or roll can completely change their session. However, this static prize does not even come close to what a progressive jackpot can look like.

But let us not get ahead of ourselves. Let us look at the basic structure of a jackpot. Everything starts with casino game developers and their initial jackpot seeds. These are fixed amounts that act as the baseline of any jackpot. The latter vary in size, but industry giants such as Microgaming and NETENT tend to make them considerably sized. To put things into perspective, we are talking about millions and millions of pesos here.

This initial starting money is then expanded upon by each bet. Note that only a certain percentage of each bet is added to the pot, not the entire lot. The rest is usually swallowed up by the house.

Fun fact! A typical progressive jackpot can contain funds from every corner of the globe! The progressive jackpot that you are after can have funds from the US, Russia, Japan, South Africa, and Argentina, just to name a few! Few things are as global as casino jackpots.

It used to be that progressive jackpots were limited to one online casino. But the introduction of networks has allowed multiple online casinos to chip in and add their bit to progressive jackpots. The game that you are playing at your casino is probably contributing to the overall pot in at least a dozen other ones.

Eventually, one lucky player at one of the casinos connected to the network will win the progressive jackpot and have his or her life changed forever. Note that the winner is determined by RNG and cannot be manipulated.

Where Can I Play Progressive Jackpot Games?

The Internet is home to countless gaming venues of varying quality, but there are few who decide not to offer progressive jackpot games. Note that the most popular medium is slots, but you can also come across progressive jackpots for other casino games.

The main issue that punters face when choosing a casino is gauging how good it is. Shady casinos can appear as first-class establishments, which can put your financial details and your deposits at risk. It is, therefore, vital to only play at licensed and regulated casinos that meet industry standards. Filipino players are advised to stick to casinos with licenses from the Malta Gaming Authority or Curaçao eGaming. Licenses from these establishments are essentially endorsements of quality from some of the biggest names in the industry.

However, you might not want to bother with exploring casinos and gauging their quality, which is why we have prepared an amazing list of the best online casinos. The latter were ranked and reviewed based on a myriad of criteria that have been compiled over the years by a panel of in-house casino experts.

What Does It Take to Compete?

There are, thankfully, very few requirements that have to be fulfilled in order for an average punter to play progressive jackpot games. All you have to do is open an account at an online casino sporting a game that you want to play, deposit some money, and have at it.

Note that there is no set way to trigger a jackpot, as it is completely random and based on chance. While some games allow you to pursue a jackpot when playing the base game, others limit it to special bonus rounds. All of these formats have one thing in common. You do not need special skills to win the jackpot. You need only partake in the game.

We recommend that you always read the terms and conditions of every game before playing it. This, combined with a quick study of the paytables, will improve your chances of having good matches since you will be familiar with all the nuances. The latter includes a possibly better chance of winning if you bet more, which depends on the game in question and does not apply to every casino game. One recommendation in this regard is to stick to a bet of ₱280 per spin.

Fun fact! You can pursue the same progressive jackpot at multiple casinos! This means that you can exploit their respective bonuses to give yourself an edge.

A Better Perspective on Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots are hard to pin down with clear-cut numbers since they always expand, and every second sees an increase in their worth. However, we can always be certain that the basic seed will not leave us wanting.

Note that conventional multi-million jackpots also have smaller cousins that provide punters with the opportunity to pursue smaller jackpots as opposed to one giant one.

However, let us put some perspective on this obscure theme of progressive jackpots. Let us look at a true giant in the progressive jackpot world, Mega Moolah. This amazing game often swells its jackpot to a whopping ₱558295000. This gigantic sum is often pursued by thousands of players from all over the world. Note that the entry fee for this competition is a reasonable ₱55 or ₱111 per spin!

The Best Progressive Jackpot Games

While there is a nearly endless supply of progressive jackpot games out there, with more coming out on a daily basis, there are a select few that completely trump the rest and make this as amazing as it is. These industry giants are synonymous with progressive jackpots, and we cannot imagine progressive casino games without titles such as:

  • Mega Moolah – You cannot dive into the world of progressive jackpots without hearing almost infinite praise about this Microgaming masterpiece. Its jungle theme, combined with riveting gameplay, amazing wins, and a breathtaking jackpot, has minted many a millionaire.
  • Major Millions – Microgaming seems incapable of making a bad progressive jackpot. Major Millions brings the ritz and glamour of millionaire life to the small screen. Its fancy yacht, car, and ring symbols make the game a spectacle of wealth. Its multi-million-peso jackpot also does not hurt.
  • Arabian Nights – Discover the endless deserts of Arabia with Aladdin and his magical carpet. Allow NETENT to take you on an unforgettable journey and attempt to become the latest Arabian Nights millionaire!
  • Hall of Gods – Empty cups with the infamous trickster Loki in this NETENT mythical spectacle. Chase a progressive jackpot with Odin, Thor, and countless other Norse gods spurring you on. Snag a multi-million-peso jackpot in the company of giants!

Boost Your Game with Bonuses

A progressive jackpot, like any other jackpot, is an elusive prize that most players will never acquire. However, should you choose to pursue it, we recommend that you set yourself up on the perfect playing field. The latter will include loads of patience and a solid bankroll management scheme.

While patience is something that is built into us, bonuses are something that can be acquired. Various online gaming venues offer different bonuses and promotional offers that can substantially boost your bankroll and prolong your game. The longer you play, the better, at least in theory, your chances are of getting lucky. Note that this does not mean that you should prolong your sessions or invest a lot of money. If you did not get lucky, just chalk it up to luck and move on with your day.

A bonus of any kind will increase your bankroll, but it may drag your experience down with pesky wagering requirements that lock you into a gameplay loop. These requirements will be very easy to achieve if you land the progressive jackpot, but they might otherwise substantially hinder your withdrawal of winnings.

Veteran progressive casino game players stick to bonuses and ignore gaming without them. Thankfully online casinos value and cherish Filipino players, so you can expect a plethora of bonuses. Check out our extensive list of the best Filipino online casinos, and make sure that you never have to play without a bonus again!

Types of Jackpots

Punters often think that progressive jackpots are limited to a few variants that are essentially the same product with different themes, but the imagination of developers has produced completely unique variants that may leave you scratching your head. The following look at the four main progressive jackpots will help you quickly become familiar with what you can expect from the progressive jackpot world.

Classic Progressive Jackpot

This conventional jackpot variant is one of the most popular ones hitherto. Its initial seed is usually somewhere around ₱55679500. This initial pot is then increased with every bet and eventually reaches neck-breaking heights.

Random Progressive Jackpot

This format puts a twist on the paylines that have to be populated in order for you to snag a progressive jackpot. Instead of the paylines being clearly defined and preset, they are entirely random, making landing a jackpot an even more random process. Note that the fact that symbols do not directly correlate to wins means that any type of game, even a table game, can host a progressive jackpot.

Linked Progressive Jackpot

These types of jackpots spice the conventional progressive format up by linking the jackpot to several casinos via a network. Each casino then contributes to the same jackpot pool and resets the jackpot to the base seed when a winner is found.

Fixed Jackpot Slots

These jackpots are your typical non-progressive prizes that have a fixed sum and cannot be increased by player contributions. Note that you can, at least in theory, win them several times in a row.

Progressive Jackpot VS Normal Jackpot

Deciding between progressive and normal jackpot games might seem like an obvious decision. However, we know that some punters will find themselves on the fence. That is why we recommend considering the following when choosing between them:

Progressive Jackpot Normal Jackpot
Bigger prizes Static prizes
Somebody else might win your loss Your losses go directly to the casino
A sense of community Everyone is on their own
Only available in certain games Very common

Biggest Jackpots Wins

Without a doubt, the most famous name in online jackpot slots is the Mega Moolah progressive. Not only has it paid out many jackpots worth multiple millions it is also the highest paying online slot ever to be recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. We have dedicated this section of our progressive jackpot resource to listing and tracking the most prominent online casino progressive jackpot wins.

Progressive Jackpot Date Amount
Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad Mega Moolah Absolootly Mad 27.04.2021 ₱134.6B
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 28.09.2018 ₱134.1B
Mega Fortune Mega Fortune 20.01.2013 ₱119.8B
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 06.10.2015 ₱981.2M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 27.04.2021 ₱963.3M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 28.09.2018 ₱959.7M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 20.08.2020 ₱952.7M
Mega Fortune Mega Fortune 24.09.2011 ₱741.6M
Mega Moolah Mega Moolah 17.08.2020 ₱735.9M
Jackpot Giant Jackpot Giant 20.10.2018 ₱695.4M


While casino games are entirely up to chance, and the likelihood of you winning depends on Lady Luck, there are still things that you can do to optimize your sessions. This is especially true of progressive jackpot games that have subpar win rates that make utilizing tips and tricks even more important. Our exact recommendations depend on the casino game in question, so refer to its dedicated guide, but we can outline general ones based on slots.

Jackpot Statuses

Stay updated with the most popular progressive jackpot status. Use our free jackpot tickers tracker to learn about each jackpot's status and when it's best to play it.

Status Definition
The Jackpot amount is not available
The Jackpot amount is below average
Don't Play
The Jackpot amount is near average
Maybe Play
The Jackpot amount is above average
Play Now

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They are giant prizes that keep increasing until somebody wins them. Each progressive casino game has its own pool that increases with every applicable bet.

This is very hard to define, given that each progressive casino game starts with a different seed. Moreover, the percentage of each bet that is contributed depends on the casino and game in question.

We realize that finding a trustworthy venue is quite difficult, which is why we have a list of the best online casinos featuring progressive jackpot games. These sites have been reviewed by our experts and tick all the safety and quality boxes.

Yes, they do! Their RTP tends to be lower due to the fact that a part of all bets is dedicated to the jackpot pool.

Yes, they are! The casino bonus that you are given is an expansion of your bankroll and does not impact your eligibility for progressive jackpots. If you land a win, you get to keep the entire jackpot.

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