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We realize that choosing an online casino is both difficult and scary, which is why we have decided to prepare this exciting guide that dives into everything you need to know about choosing your next Filipino online casino. The Philippines are jam-packed with exciting casinos, and we strive to rank and review the best ones for your convenience. Uncover everything from gambling legislation and registration to your initial deposit and what it takes to choose the perfect bonus.

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Choosing a casino is like choosing a hairdresser or barber. You should expect a friendly face, first-class customer service, a pleasant ambiance, and unmatched professionalism. You do not let just anyone near your hair or your beard, so why should you let a random online casino anywhere near your sensitive financial information? Keep yourself safe and ensure the best gaming experience by sticking to the best in the business. Join us on our journey and see exactly what it takes for a casino to be considered worthwhile based on best-in-class OCR standards.

There are countless objective and personal factors that come into play when choosing an online casino. These usually include casino software, games, promotions, banking options, licensing, and reputation. If a casino falls short in these basic categories, do not entrust it with your real-money gambling experience.

The most confusing of said categories are definitely the games, as even two online casinos on the same platform might have different game portfolios. This is why it is paramount that you explore your chosen casino in depth before committing any real money funds.

While exploring a casino on your own is an exciting experience akin to a Sherlockian detective story, it is quite time-consuming. This is why we have decided to prepare detailed and quick reviews of the best online casinos available to Filipino players. Said reviews can be found on this page. Note that only the best of the best that meet our strict criteria and fulfill all of the aforementioned categories make it through our review process. Our recommended online real money casinos are your best bet for a safe, exciting, and pleasant gaming experience.

The Internet is filled with exciting online casinos that push the boundaries of entertainment to exciting new heights. When the World Wide Web was still in its infancy, the gambling industry saw an opportunity for unprecedented growth. They saw the Internet as a brave new frontier for gaming that would bring the excitement and ritz of Las Vegas to every living room on the planet. This dream has, thanks to countless technological breakthroughs, become a reality. Nowadays, you can find countless online casinos operated by respectable management groups and software companies that strive to make your gambling experience fun, fair and unforgettable.

While your chances of winning a bet remain largely based on luck, it is paramount that your chosen venue guarantees both safety and fairness. Filipino online casinos ought to sports licenses from top regulatory authorities such as the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), Isle of Man (IOM), or Curaçao. The latter is a superb indicator of quality and guarantees an above-board experience. Note that they are only ever given to venues that combine safety, fairness, and digital hygiene in terms of data protection and several other industry standards.  

Gambling Legislation

The question of legality is one that should always be raised when dealing with anything that has the potential to impact your wallet. Online gambling is a relatively modern invention. It is, therefore, not as tightly regulated and often poorly defined in the legislature. Certain governments have decided to partly ban it, while others have opted for a Draconian full-on ban. You will often find that the US and France are raising concerns regarding internet-based gambling, which has led to certain operators and licensing bodies preventing players from certain regions from partaking. This heated topic is unlikely to receive a uniform resolution anytime soon, so it is advisable to look into your regional laws and make sure that you are staying on the straight and narrow.

Filipino casinos are usually not problematic, but you should still make sure that your chosen gambling site is reputable, has the appropriate licenses, and has a solid reputation within the gaming community.

Casino Technology

Fun fact! One of the oldest “computers” in history is the Antikythera Mechanism, which is said to have been an analog computer used for navigation. This 2000-year-old wonder of human ingenuity is still perplexing scientists and historians the world over.

The Antikythera Mechanism turned the world of archeology on its head the same way that the first internet-based casinos turned the world-wide-web on its head. Few expected a simple combination of HTML, JavaScript, and CSS code to start a revolution in gaming and become one of the most vital aspects of online entertainment. However, its effects could not be disputed, and online casinos created a new industry that shows no signs of slowing down. The online real money casino industry is now slowly transitioning to mobile and web solutions based around HTML5 and PWA, which appear to be the future of online gambling.

Good ideas are always crazy until they are not. – Elon Musk

These innovations have led to numerous online casinos that your typical Filipino player can enjoy from the comfort of his couch. All you have to do is open a laptop or mobile device, navigate to the browser, and visit your respective casino. Nobody could have predicted this accessibility 20 years ago, so just imagine what the future holds!

Improve, Adapt, Overcome

It is impossible to stay stagnant in a world of change. This is something that online casinos have learned the hard way. Constant technological innovation, rising standards, and an increasingly demanding audience that expects nothing less than perfection have forced them to innovate. This has led to the implementation of the latest technologies, cutting-edge instant play platforms, and countless software solutions that both elevate gameplay and improve gaming conditions. The days of downloadable clients or restrictive venues are over. The future is now!

Mobile Casinos

This is the youngest of all online casino innovations. It appeared with the popularization of smart mobile phones, and it seems to be one of the main future expansion routes of gaming as a whole. Mobile casinos are staples of the best online casinos and developers who strive to port their biggest hits to mobile. You can expect the majority of Filipino casinos to offer some form of support for various smartphone devices, along with a plethora of exciting exclusive mobile bonuses.

Gaming Options

Every online casino is different in several aspects. These can be superficial, such as the theme and general appearance, or crucial, such as the game library at hand. You should expect something for your particular taste regardless of which venue you choose. The best online casinos in the business strive to provide a diverse and appealing gaming portfolio that meets the needs and wants of every kind.

Video Slots

Filipino players simply adore video slots. They are the favorite casino game of the Philippines, and rightfully so. These games offer a uniquely riveting gaming experience that combines colorful themes and icons with Lady Luck's fickle nature. They started off as simple one-hand bandits in dark Las Vegas casinos, and now they are proud and bright online icons that either make or break an online casino.

The slot industry has drastically shifted from being mostly focused on land-based casinos to being almost fully committed to online venues. Those among you jumping at the idea of playing online slots can easily get ahold of hundreds or even thousands of unique titles at any given online casino. Should you become bored of the conventional three-reel slot, feel free to explore the exciting world of VR video slots that boasts thousands of pay-ways. Have a gander at our list of recommended online slot casinos to find the best slot venue in the game!

Table Games and Live Casinos

Table games have a special place in our hearts. Who can forget classics such as Uno and Monopoly that turn friends into enemies and lovers into rivals? However, when we start exploring the world of electronic betting table games, the likes of blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, casino poker, and so on, we discover a brand-new world filled with excitement, possibilities, and endless entertainment. This almost endless selection of games gives punters a chance to explore the world beyond the confines of simple slots and explore the general gambling market with ease.

Online casinos are well aware of this popularity and inclination towards table games, so they have devised a new casino format. The latter is referred to as the live casino, and it offers a never-before-seen online experience. Filipino players that cannot get their fill of conventional gambling environments will love how live casinos bring the aura and atmosphere of regular casinos to an online format.

Said live venues offer real dealers that deal with genuine cards and spin real-life roulette wheels. These live casinos went from simple card games to real gambling equipped with all the baccarat, blackjack, and roulette games that one would expect. Do not miss out on masterpieces like Casino Hold 'em, Caribbean Stud, Three Card Poker, and much more.

Popular Game Suppliers

The best and biggest online casinos have vast game libraries jam-packed with options. Said libraries tend to be stockpiled by giants such as NETENT, Microgaming, Pragmatic Play, Real Time Gaming, Play'n GO, Rival, Playson, and many more. These developers are the benchmark of online real-money gaming.

Jackpot Schemes

No conventional prize can compare to the prestige and size of a jackpot. These can either be conventional jackpots or progressive ones that build up as bets are placed. The latter tend to employ a network of casinos that place a seed value into each jackpot.

The jackpot scheme of individual titles differs. However, the most impressive one by far is that of Mega Moolah, which was developed by Microgaming. Note that you can also find jackpots that span a series of games, as is the case with Playtech's Age of the Gods series.

While conventional betting only gets you so far, a jackpot offers you the chance to win big with a single spin or wager. Moreover, they are very easy on beginners, and most can be won at relatively low stakes. Stories of Filipino players placing laughably small bets on jackpot games and landing life-changing wins are not as rare as you would think.

Casino Bonuses

The best things in life are free. – Luther Vandross

Bonuses are not just a way for casinos to show their appreciation. They are also a viable way to enlarge your bankroll and make the most of your gaming session. Moreover, they are used by casinos to compete for a finite player pool that is constantly searching for the best deals.

The most popular bonuses are definitely welcome bonuses, which focus on matching your deposit with casino funds and thus substantially enlarging your initial deposit. Then there are loyalty rewards, no-deposit bonuses, in-game bonuses, free spins, and so on. Note that most of these will have wagering or play-through requirements that have to be met before you make any withdrawals. Be especially wary of no-deposit bonuses, whose wagering requirements far exceed those of match deposits. Furthermore, watch out for win limitations, as they may sour your experience. Filipino players, thankfully, get treated with respect and can expect first-class services. This is especially true of our recommended gaming venues.

Rules and Guidelines

There is nothing worse than having a fantastic session and then realizing that you inadvertently torpedoed your chances of withdrawing by not following a rule or guideline. Each venue is unique in terms of rules regarding bonuses and promotions. You ought to look into these prior to diving into any form of betting.

It is not uncommon for the best Filipino casinos to have completely unexpected rules or guidelines. Note that these operators have the right to compose whatever rules they please and that you cannot win a legal battle against them. However, you can protect yourself by reading the terms and conditions of your chosen game, bonus, or promotion.

Fear not, as most rules are reasonable and easy to understand. Legitimate casinos want only what is best for players, and they will never try to cheat you. However, should you find yourself confused regarding any rule or guideline, simply reach out to your casino's customer support and clear things up.

Filipino punters, at the end of the day, have very little to fear. Especially when attending the first-class casinos that we recommend.

Kicking Things Off

We highly recommend having a gander at the following tips prior to exploring the exciting world of real money gambling. Said tips will help you find the best online casinos in the business.

1 Pick a licensed online casino

There is no good reason to expose your financial information and your hard-earned funds to an untrustworthy website with questionable security standards. Stick to licensed, regulated, and audited online casinos with the best customer service and reputation in the business.

2 Pick the best banking methods

Your chosen online casino should offer all of the banking options that you are used to in the Philippines. Pick a casino that supports the Philippine peso and international deposits and withdrawals.

3 Check its mobile compatibility

You may decide that you want to play your favorite casino game on your Android or iOS. Your chosen online casino should, therefore, provide an Android or iOS app for such an occasion.

4 Dive into the terms and conditions of bonuses

The last thing that you want to happen is to be greeted by unexpected terms and conditions when trying to withdraw your winnings. Looking into the wagering requirements, play-through requirements, and other nuances prior to opting for a bonus.

5 Test the customer support

A great indicator of overall quality is the responsiveness and readiness to help of your chosen casino’s customer support. Pose a general question that furthers your knowledge and see how quickly and efficiently they respond.

6 Register and explore

After all of the aforementioned prerequisites are fulfilled, create an account and start exploring your next gaming venue. We highly recommend using one of our links to do so, as you might snag a referral bonus. Moreover, using our link guarantees that you are safe from phishing sites that have predatory intentions. Note that the information you provide should always be factual, as it will be required during the withdrawal process. Furthermore, we highly recommend using a strong password and any potential two-step authentication services.

7 Claim your welcome bonus

Newcomers are usually given some form of welcome bonus that increases their bankroll. Claiming it will require a deposit, which should only be billed once and whose details should match that of the online casino. Additionally, be attentive to how long it took for your funds to reach your gaming account, as this is partly indicative of withdrawal time.

8 Manage your bankroll

It is paramount that you set a budget prior to diving into your next gaming session. Said budget should never be increased during a session. Chasing a win or loss will only result in unnecessary losses and cause emotional distress. If you find yourself dreading the next bet or becoming anxious, step away and come back another day.

9 Have fun

Now that you are all set up and ready to rumble, remember that gaming is just fun. It is not a way to make money or a realistic solution to worldly problems. It is a fun pastime that might reward you here and there if Lady Luck smiles at you. We suggest that you start off with small wagers, become familiar with the games at hand, and dive deeper as your confidence increases.

How We Find The Best Casinos

Expert Reviews

Our experts review and rank hundreds of online casinos and gambling sites, taking each site through our extensive review process covering over 12 key factors.

Ongoing Validation

We regularly verify our reviews and gambling sites database to have up to date and valid information. Ongoing updates include bonus offers, changes in terms, licensing and more.

Player's feedback

We add a critical validation layer to our online casino and gambling sites' reviews and ranking by continuously processing players' complaints and feedback.

How We Rate

How Our Experts Rate Online Casinos and Gambling Sites: Reviewing casinos is what we do best, and we always make sure that we cover the vital information and essential factors. When considering which online casino to choose, we’ll provide you with the most up to date information on a casino’s security measures, payouts, player feedback about the casino, and much more. Take a look at the graph below for more info.

Aspects taken into account when rating is calculated

Our expert reviews will lend a helping hand to finding the best and most rewarding online casinos. By noting a casino’s game library, banking options, customer support, and all of the most important factors to consider when choosing a casino, our expert reviewers put the power in your hands.
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Those among you new to the world of online gambling ought to familiarize yourselves with these seven tips. They will help you find the best casinos and grab your next gaming session by the horns.

What You Should Be on The Lookout For

We have developed a unique evaluation system that is based on countless reviews and years of expert experience. The key attributes that we consider when evaluating any casino are:

Security and Trust

The best online casinos must have the best encryption, protection, and data security solutions in the game. These are not only something that we would like to see; they are something that we need to see to even consider a casino as one of the elites that we recommend.

Games and Software

There is no reason for a modern casino not to have a vast array of games. There are hundreds of proven developers with licenses from industry leaders. A casino with solid game providers is technically audited twice. Once as the casino itself and once in the form of each game being audited on its own. This technically creates two layers of security and guarantees fairness.

Bonuses and Promotions

We cannot evaluate a casino without examining the terms and conditions of its bonuses. Ambiguous terms, shady clauses, or potentially harmful tidbits are red flags that torpedo a potential casino.

Banking and Money

An online casino catering to Filipinos must have a plethora of banking options that one would find in the Philippines. These are not only fast, secure, affordable, and easy to deposit with but also something that you are probably familiar with. Moreover, we expect all transactions to be available in the Philippine peso.

Customer Care

You cannot exactly drive to an online casino and knock down their door if they mistreat you. You have to go through their customer support. This support should be available 24/7 via email, live chat, and telephone. Moreover, it has to be top-notch and reach our expectations in terms of responsiveness and efficiency.


There is no reason for an online casino to be limited to just a website or a downloadable application. You should be able to travel on the go, in your living room, or while waiting for the bus. We know how annoying it is to not have total freedom, which is why we expect online casinos to provide it to our valued Filipino punters.


We do not expect every online casino to have its roots in the Philippines, but we do expect them to do their homework and prepare quality localizations. This localization is not limited just to translating the site but also to adhering to local legislature, providing local banking options, and assembling a team of local customer support agents.

Trusted Casinos

Casino Comparison

Are you on the fence regarding your next online casino? Are you choosing between a few but do not know which one is the best? Simply add them to our casino comparison tool and figure it out in minutes!

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Calculate Your Casino Bonus

Casinos Bonus Min. Deposit WR Payment Methods Claim Bonus
Bullsbet Casino
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
₱1200 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Vulkan Vegas Casino
₱25,000 + 70 Free Spins
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
₱250 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Megapari Casino


₱22,977 + 30 Free Spins


21+ Only, T&C Apply.
₱585 35x (Bonus & Deposit)
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
20BET Casino
₱7,000 + 120 Free Spins
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
₱600 40x (Bonus & Deposit)
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
₱100 20x (Bonus & Deposit)
21+ Only, T&C Apply.

Progressive Jackpots

Mega Moolah

The Jackpot amount is near average

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Current Jackpot
Best to Play at
Play Now
21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Top Jackpot

Beach Life

The Jackpot amount is near average

Learn more
Current Jackpot
Best to Play at
Play Now
21+ Only, T&C Apply.

King Cashalot

The Jackpot amount is near average

Learn more
Current Jackpot
Best to Play at
Play Now
21+ Only, T&C Apply.

Report a Casino

We try our best to keep up with so many casinos out there, we also rely on our community to help us detect and flag any sites that don't act in the players' best interest. If you've had a bad experience with an operator or have some information to share about why a particular casino belongs on the blacklist, kindly share your findings with us and we'll pick it up from there.

Our Favorite Casino

Approved Approved
Hot Hot

Superace88 Casino

Best for
Over 1260 games available

Excellent reputation since it went online.

Live dealer casino games.

A friendly team of customer support advisors.

Win Rate
Payout Speed
Arcade Games
Auto Play
Budget Control
Fantasy Games
9 more
Payment Methods

200% Match Bonus up to ₱100

Welcome Bonus

21+ Only, T&C Apply.


This depends entirely on your personal preferences and game knowledge. However, players from the Philippines can expect a wide range of exciting online casinos that boast countless games, bonuses, banking options, and other niche requirements that every beginner needs.

The online casinos that we feature boast vast libraries jam-packed with video slots, table games, and the occasional live dealer game. You can expect every genre and their various offshoots.

Yes, they do! The best online casinos in the game feature games with progressive jackpots. The latter can reach a whopping six and even seven-figure values.

Yes, it is! The casinos that we recommend offer various payment options that include deposits and withdrawals in the Philippine peso.

Yes, they can! Players that join an online casino from the Philippines will be greeted with the same, if not more, promotions than their foreign colleagues. These include but are not limited to registration bonuses, welcome packages, no-deposit offers, and free spins.

Yes, you can. Remember to stick to licensed, regulated, and audited venues that guarantee your safety and security.

Yes, it is. The biggest names in the business offer mobile apps and specifically optimized sites that cater to a plethora of mobile devices.

Gambling is nothing new in the Philippines, both in an online and offline settings. Increasingly better internet coverage and regulations have created an exceptional baseline for online gambling in the Philippines.

Online casinos and their trusted software developers are not allowed to rig games. They have to rely on RNG (random number generators) that independently create random outcomes. Regulators and auditing companies such as PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) make sure of this.

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