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Thank you for visiting our site and caring enough about your privacy to read our quick privacy and cookie policy. This page is dedicated to explaining what cookies are and how and why we use them to provide you with a better service.

We recommend that the visitors or users of our site (‘You’, ‘Your’, or ‘User/s’) take the time to read our Privacy and Cookie Policy thoroughly. The latter can be referred to as our ‘Privacy Policy’ or ‘This Document’. Our (‘onlinecasinoreports.ph’, 'Company', 'We', 'Us') mission is to be completely transparent in every way, shape, and form regarding the usage of our website ('The Website,' 'Our Site') and how it collects and processes your information.

Visiting our website means consenting to the processes that we outlined in this document. These include the collection and processing of your information.

What Information We Collect

We only ever collect non-personal information. By using our website, you allow us to collect non-identifiable information, which includes information broadcast by your devices. The latter includes aggregated usage information and technical data such as your IP address and other online identifiers.

We also collect information regarding the software and hardware that you used to access our website, along with the operating system, language, and time of your associated device. Your preference for visiting will also be noted. Lastly, your activity and engagement on our site are used to improve our services.

Cookie Policy

Cookies play an integral role in distinguishing visitors to our site. This also helps us provide them with the best browsing experience, which in turn helps us improve our website’s design and performance.

What even is a cookie?

A cookie is essentially a small file that is given to your device. It contains information about your previous sessions, which allows us to make your experience more efficient thanks to preference tracking and automatic activation of various features.

These are the types of cookies that we use and why we use them:

Session Cookies – These are temporary and are only stored for the duration of your browsing. They get deleted as soon as you close your browser. They are vital to the normal function of our site, and their disabling may affect our website's performance.

Persistent cookies – These tend to be kept for longer periods. Time limits depend on the company that sets them up and their intent. Such cookies are usually kept by companies for around a year.

The site that you are currently on, so onlinecasinoreports.ph, uses third-party web traffic analytics companies whose job it is to monitor and analyze user interactions with our website. Note that we have no control over the policies of said companies, so we cannot be held accountable for their actions. The cookies that they implement can be categorized as follows:

  • Analytical/Performance cookies: The purpose of these cookies is to capture visitor data, which gives us an insight into which parts of the website you access, how long you spend in certain areas of the site, and in which order you navigate through our site. All of this helps us optimize the navigation process and make it easier for users to use our site.
  • Functionality cookies: The main goal of these is to identify repeat visitors and to enable us to save your preferences. These allow us to enhance your future visits and your overall browsing experience.
  • Targeting cookies: These cookies allow us to track the pages and links that you access. Said data is used to improve our website’s relevance based on your interests.

Continued usage of our website means that you understand and accept the aforementioned types of cookies along with their anticipated usage. Moreover, you accept the usage of other tracking technology as described in this document. The cookies mentioned above do not touch on personal information or any form of information that can identify you as an individual.

Disabling cookies can be done on your end via the settings section of your internet browser. Look under the ‘privacy and security’ section, which ought to contain a ‘cookies and other site data’ tab where you can choose to block some or all cookies. Such alterations can lead to worse site performance and a limited experience.

Third-party links

We would like to inform you that this site may contain links to third-party sites. We invite you to read the Privacy Policy sections of said sites carefully. Note that this policy does not cover confidential information that other sites may collect. Moreover, we do not accept any form of liability that results from visiting websites that we refer you to. Following any and all links on our site is done at your risk, and you accept the consequences that arise from using third-party sites. We will not be held accountable for damages that might occur from information collection or sharing conducted by said sites.

The usage of collected information

We may use the information collected from you for these purposes:

  • Security improvements and maintenance of our site.
  • Improving accessed content and its relevance.
  • For research and analytics.
  • To comply with associated laws and regulations.
  • To comply with government requirements or to comply with demands of court authorities or similar legal processes or entities.

Sharing collected information

The data that onlinecasinoreports.ph collects may be shared with particularly trusted third parties, such as:

  • Service providers that perform vectored functions, such as research, analytics, or technical diagnostics.
  • GetResponse: A US-based mailing application provider that manages our newsletter on our behalf.
  • Auditors, advisers, or potential investors or buyers that are interested in the company should such data benefit the company. We may also share said data with affiliates and/or subsidiaries.
  • In the event of a potential merger or sale of a segment of the business and if the company is interested in buying other businesses or assets. Such cases warrant the sharing of information with prospective buyers or sellers of the aforementioned assets of the business.

It is paramount to us that you are fully aware that the information that third parties process, as described above, is limited to security obligations that this Privacy Policy and applicable laws lay out.

Other Disclosures

We covered a part of our information sharing in the previous segment. Now we would like to expand our explanation, as we may also share information in the case of:

  • An explicit government or law enforcement agency request.
  • A necessity to enforce any and all legal rights, such as intellectual property rights.
  • Fighting against any and all illegal activities, security issues, and/or any other types of wrongdoings not covered in this document.
  • Enforcing our internal policies that warrant the usage of such information.
  • To content any and all legal claims aimed at our partners or at us.
  • Protecting the safety and rights of this company, its users, or third-party services that this site makes use of.

Retention of your information

Using our site means that you have read and that you agree to the Privacy Policy as described in this document. Moreover, it means that you understand and accept its terms for retaining and processing information. We guarantee that data collected from our users is processed in accordance with the terms that we laid out in this document. Furthermore, we ensure that said data is stored safely and securely and that it is only shared with relevant third parties as described above.

Security and transfer of information

We value your privacy above all else, which is why we consistently update and maintain our security processes. A huge part of this effort is making use of industry-standard policies and procedures, which ensure the safety and security of your data. Part of this insurance is the avoidance of unauthorized access to your information. While we strive to protect your non-personal data, we cannot guarantee that it will be impossible to prevent unlawful access or exploitation of said information or of our services.

Our site, company, and team cannot ensure 100% security when it comes to information transmitted via the internet. We, subsequently, cannot guarantee the safe transfer of data to and from our site. This means that any and all inter-based transmission is done solely at your own risk.

Our site has a global presence, which means that your information may be transmitted to countries within and outside of the confines of the European Union. Non-European Union data protection laws may be less thorough than those of countries within the European Union, which is why we take every necessary step to ensure an equivalent degree of protection when dealing with such circumstances. This is especially focused on any and all anonymized data that we collect from you. Continued usage of this site means that you consent to data transfers as outlined by this document.


Those among you that are below the age of eighteen or otherwise considered a minor by your country's applicable laws are not allowed to use services provided by this site. Continued usage of said services and said means that you confirm that you are of legal age. Moreover, it means that you understand that this website is not responsible if this is not the case.

Account Termination

Every user of this site has the right to have their account deleted and their information removed from the associated system. Send us an email with an explicit termination of your account to do so.

Should you wish to stop receiving our newsletters, simply open an email, and click the ‘unsubscribe’ link at the bottom of every newsletter. No further action from your end will be required.

Updates to our Privacy Policy

We advise that you revisit and reread this Privacy Policy on a regular basis, as it may be changed and updated every so often. You can rest assured that the latest version of this document is always displayed on our website. There may be occurrences of significant changes, which we will inform you about via email and/or newsletter.

Continued usage of this site means that you accept and acknowledge changes made to this document. This also applies to cases in which you receive notifications of changes from us.

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