Reviews and Ratings of 2023 Sports Betting Sites

Are you a dedicated football fan or an all-around sports enthusiast that wants to take his entertainment to a new level? Are you looking for the best sports betting sites in the business? Then this handy guide jam-packed with betting tips, insights, reviews, updates, and an overview of the latest and greatest sports betting venues is just what you have been looking for!

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Athletes have been entertaining and astounding us for millennia. Their feats of physical capability and dedication have gone down in history and remain a source of inspiration for countless casual and professional sports enthusiasts. Who can forget greats such as the ancient Greek boxer Arrhichion, who managed to dislocate his opponent's toe with his dying breath? Or Pheidippides, who ran from the field of Marathon to Athens and died whilst delivering news of their victory. These incredible humans that pushed the human body to its limits were adored by their contemporaries to macabre proportions. A great example of this macabre admiration was a Roman custom that saw physically weak or infertile men drinking the blood of gladiators to improve their vigor. Moreover, some even believed that gladiator blood could cure epilepsy.

Along with this superstar status came the possibility of betting. This custom found its way into every sport, either legally or illegally, and has created countless fortunes. What is now a professional and respected pastime used to be a shady affair conducted in dark corners or dimly lit alleys. Filipino players, luckily, do not have to deal with shady back-alley bookmakers. Modern Filipino sports punters make use of modern technologies that bring with them the comforts of at-home betting, superior odds, phenomenal bonuses, countless promotions, and the possibility of catering your next sports betting session to your personal preferences. These bets are conducted on respectable and audited sites. If you are looking for an online sports betting site that is completely above board, look no further than our list of recommended sportsbooks. The latter has been examined by our team of in-house experts, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands.

What Makes a Good Bookmaker?

One of the best and simultaneously worst things about the current online sportsbook market is the fact that it is flooded with prospective venues. Filipinos are truly spoiled for choice when it comes to international casinos and sportsbooks. However, not all online venues are worth your time and money. Some are even exploitative and predatory. It is, therefore, crucial that you are aware of what makes a sportsbook safe, secure, and worth using.

Let us start off with the basics, namely the licensing and auditing. Reputable and reliable gaming venues always clearly display their licenses and are proud of audits from high-level authorities. These indicate that you are dealing with a fair establishment that adheres to industry standards.

A slightly more advanced indicator is the speed and reliability of payment methods. A solid venue will make deposits and withdrawals easy, minimize any potential fees and waiting time and clearly outline the features with which your sensitive financial information is kept safe.

Once this baseline is covered, it is time to look at the list of sports betting options that you will be able to choose from when placing your wagers. The latter should be extensive and exciting. Your run-of-the-mill bookmaker will have over 20 sports and hundreds of betting markets at your disposal. While classic games such as football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey, and American sports tend to be the norm, oddballs such as the NHL, international tournaments, college sports, and European leagues are a pleasant sight to behold.

Save yourself the time and hassle of researching prospective venues by simply using our handy list of recommended sportsbooks.

Make Things Lively with Live Betting

Static betting is an entry-level activity that every punter starts off with. However, it is not nearly as exciting as dynamic or live betting. Make the best live bet with the help of exciting betting modules, betting markets, and wagering options. Enjoy the thrills of betting on matches taking place right now with the best that modern technology has to offer. Heck, you never know, you might spot an opportunity that would otherwise pass you by.

What is more, you no longer have to worry about missing out on exciting betting opportunities while on your mobile device. Countless venues offer the ability to bet on a myriad of iOS and Android devices. These mobile solutions come with all the bells and whistles that you would expect from PC gaming, along with some exciting exclusive promotions. Please note that not every Filipino sportsbook offers a dedicated app, so you might have to make use of their online solutions. Should you find yourself downloading an app, expect it to be free and handy for exploration.

Bonuses, Promotions, and Offers

Competition is healthy for any industry, especially bookmaking. While venues compete with each other and try to best each other's offers, Filipino punters reap countless benefits that make their gaming sessions unique, exciting and unforgettable.

The standard bonuses that an average newbie will be given are focused on registering and deposits, but there are also no-deposit bonuses and free bets that can make for a memorable experience. Note that these bankroll-boosting angels also come with wagering requirements that have to be fulfilled prior to withdrawing funds.

Welcome bonuses and similar introductory offers tend to be among the largest bonuses, but there are also loyalty promotions focused on retaining players. These include reloading bonuses, market-focused betting, cashback deals, and similar high-end rewards. High rollers and risk-averse punters simply adore these options.

Last but not least are VIP exclusive bonuses that open the door to exclusive promotions, faster withdrawals, and the best rewards in the business.

The Main Takeaways

As a Filipino punter, you can expect a multitude of online bookmakers to welcome you not only with the best bonuses and promotions but also the best environments in the business. You should expect nothing less than reputable licenses, respectable reputations, competitive odds, reachable wagering requirements, and a plethora of betting options.

Betting Types and Markets

Now that you are familiar with what sportsbooks offer and what you can expect from them, it is time to explore the inner workings of sports betting. Here we will cover the various bets and markets that you will be exposed to. Study these intently prior to partaking in any form of sports betting.

Straight Bet

This bet is essentially putting all of your eggs into one basket. It requires you to bet everything on a single game. The most common appearances of this bet are in NHL, MLB, NBA, and NFL events. Note that ties give you your money back and that it is advisable to cover the point spread or money line when wagering.

System Bet

System bets relieve the pressure of straight bets since they give you partial rewards for partial success. Let us say that you bet on three matches. Should two of your bets land and one flop, you still get a reward. Note that basketball bets with their underdog mechanic really come into their own with this type of bet.

Parlay Bet

A parlay bet ups the risk but also the reward by compounding wagers into one giant stake that can produce breathtaking profits. Note that the success of your parlay bet is directly related to the success of each individual wager. Even a single lost bet will result in the entire wagered sum being forfeited.

In-play Bet

Those of you who want to exploit opportunities that appear in real-time will adore in-play bets, as they offer the potential of real-time betting. You will often find this type of bet featured during live NHL games.

Moneyline Bet

This is a simplistic bet, quite similar to an outright bet, that sees you betting on the winner of a match, race, event, fight, tournament, or contest.

Point Spread Bet

Betting on the NFL and NBA often features this unique bet that makes betting on the favorite just as exciting as betting on the underdog. If you are a sports betting newbie, it is advisable to consider this bet as one to experiment with.

Totals Bet

Sportsbooks often predict the total number of points or goals that any given team in an event will achieve. Once you see their evaluation, you have the option of betting that the actual result will be higher or lower. Your success will then depend on the eventual outcome.

Teasers and Pleasers

Not everyone should attempt this bet, as it is rather tricky. It is, therefore, advisable that only veterans place it. You will often find teaser bets featured in the NBA, while the pleaser ones are more commonly found in soccer betting. Note that they are closely related to parlay bets and thus have the potential to move the point spread by a fixed amount. Teasers move the point spread in a favorable direction, with the downside of subpar odds. Pleasers, on the other hand, move the point spread in a less favorable direction with superior odds.

A Quick Look at Odds

You cannot explore the world of sports betting without being familiar with the odds and their inner workings. Odds are, essentially, a tool to help you predict the result of sporting events. This, in turn, helps you see whether you will wager and how much you can expect to gain.

The tedious mathematics behind calculating odds and potential profits are made by bookmakers, so you can leave that concern by the wayside. Note that these evaluations include a multitude of factors and vectors that are taken into account by professional traders or risk analysts.

The main factors are:

  • Popularity
  • Market weight in terms of capitalization
  • Public betting patterns
  • Prior team history
  • Last-minute events such as injuries or switches
  • A general margin of error (from probability theory)

Note that odds are not a set fixture but rather a dynamically changing prediction. They may change during the event itself and completely change the dynamic of payouts. It is, therefore, crucial to know exactly what odds mean. The following examples should help you become familiar with:

Decimal Odds

These are often referred to as Continental or European odds, and they indicate the potential returns of your stake. The latter helps you gauge the total payout and subsequent profit margin. Note that these odds tend to be represented by a numerical decimal point, such as 2.00.

A quick example: Let us say that we have a 2.00 with a ₱5446 bet. This produces a potential payout of ₱10892 since ₱5446x2 = ₱10892. Your potential profit is ₱5446 whilst risking the same amount.

Fractional Odds

These odds may be confusing if you take them at base value, so bear with us. Your average fractional odd spread tends to be 2/1, 3/1, and 4/1. The most generic variant, 1/1, is an even stake and is essentially the same as the decimal 2.0 example.

These odds are also known as British or traditional odds due to their commonality in the UK. Filipino sports betting markets are also brimming with fractional odds, so it is worth being familiar with them. Note that they essentially point out how much you stand to win based on your stake.

A quick example: Let us say that you bet ₱1089 with 5/2 odds. To calculate your potential profit, you have to divide your wager by 2, giving you ₱544, and then multiply it by five, giving you ₱2723. Another example would be betting ₱1089 with 2/5 odds, which, when diving by 5 and multiplying by 2 gives you a potential profit of ₱435. Lastly, the simplest example would be a ₱544 bet that gives you potential winnings of ₱1633 with 3/1 odds.

Moneyline Odds

The theme of Anglo-Saxon bets continues with an American classic, Moneyline odds. These are rather simplistic, opting for a positive or negative number, respectively. While the formatting is simple, it might be slightly confusing as the minus shows the favorite, and the plus shows the underdog.

A quick example: Let us say that you are trying to win ₱5446 with -138 odds. In order to achieve this, you need to bet ₱7515 on the winning team. However, should you aim to win ₱6426 when betting on an underdog with +118 odds, you need to bet ₱5446.

Kicking Things Off

Sports betting is one of the easiest forms of betting to get into since almost everyone is familiar with one form of sport and the betting options are rather simplistic. Have a gander at the following steps, as they will help you ease into the fun of online sports gambling.

1 Find a Sportsbook

We often mention how our recommended venues outshine most, but this is not just shameless self-promotion. The Internet is flooded with gambling venues, and a lot of these are not only subpar, but they are also roque and predatory. Keep your financial information and money safe by attending licensed, regulated, respectable, and generous sports bookies.

2 Open an Account

Once you find the perfect gaming venue, it is time to open an account. Note that some sportsbooks require proof of identity either during the registration or the withdrawal process. Furthermore, it is advisable to enable any potential two-step authentication as it increases your account's security.

3 Deposit

When choosing a payment method, make sure that it has the capacity to withdraw funds as well as deposit them. Moreover, certain payment options open the door to exclusive bonuses and promotions.

4 Snag a Welcome Offer

One of the best bonuses that you can get is a welcome bonus. This offer is incredibly appealing as it increases the size of your bankroll from the get-go. However, it comes with terms and conditions which have to be read and understood prior to proceeding.

5 Pick a Sport

There is no shortage of sports to bet on. Choose the sport that is closest to home and go wild. Along with the usual assortment of sports, expect to find various sporting events, horse racing, and even wagers focusing on political or global events.

6 Pick a Market

Your betting story does not end with simply choosing a sport to bet on. You also have to consider which market you will bet at. Said market brings with it odds that can make or break your bets. Have a look at various markets and choose the one that fits your needs and wants the most.

7 Bet

Once you tick all of the preliminary boxes, so to speak, you are ready to place a bet. Note that your betting site will probably show you your potential profit, which should help you decide whether you want to proceed. Moreover, the most vital pieces of info will be displayed on your betting slip.

8 Cross Your Fingers and Hope for the Best

All that is left now is for you to kick your legs up, grab a refreshing drink and enjoy the match or other sporting event that you bet on. Watch out for potential in-play bets, or simply watch the action.

How We Find The Best Casinos

Expert Reviews

Our experts review and rank hundreds of online casinos and gambling sites, taking each site through our extensive review process covering over 12 key factors.

Ongoing Validation

We regularly verify our reviews and gambling sites database to have up to date and valid information. Ongoing updates include bonus offers, changes in terms, licensing and more.

Player's feedback

We add a critical validation layer to our online casino and gambling sites' reviews and ranking by continuously processing players' complaints and feedback.

How We Rate

How Our Experts Rate Online Casinos and Gambling Sites: Reviewing casinos is what we do best, and we always make sure that we cover the vital information and essential factors. When considering which online casino to choose, we’ll provide you with the most up to date information on a casino’s security measures, payouts, player feedback about the casino, and much more. Take a look at the graph below for more info.

Aspects taken into account when rating is calculated

Our expert reviews will lend a helping hand to finding the best and most rewarding online casinos. By noting a casino’s game library, banking options, customer support, and all of the most important factors to consider when choosing a casino, our expert reviewers put the power in your hands.
Find out more about how we rate


Being familiar with your chosen game is not enough. You also need to be mindful of all potential betting options and their downstream implications. Moreover, you need to be familiar with peripheral elements that most beginners glance over. The following checklist is what you ought to look into prior to diving into sports wagers:

Ranking Sportsbooks

We value the trust that you, our dear readers, bestow upon us. We appreciate the fact that you take our opinion into consideration and allow us to accompany you on your gaming journey. It is, therefore, paramount that we are completely transparent with you, especially when it comes to what it takes to make our list of recommendations. The attributes that we most commonly look for and base our evaluations on are the following:

Selection of Sports

We expect a top-ranking sportsbook to have a wide selection of sports ranging from the classics to the NFL, NBA, MLB, and UFC. We would also be remiss not to expect elegant sports such as chess, athletics, and darts. A solid selection of these, along with a healthy number of variants, are the backbone of any online betting portfolio.


Each sport should have at least a handful of markets that feature competitive odds. Do not bet on the first market that you see. Compare them amongst themselves and snag the best one. Once you narrow down the selection, have a gander at our guide and make an informed decision.

Types of Bets

Bets are different in all three major categories, outcomes, advantages, and disadvantages. It is vital that you understand the upsides and downsides of each and choose the one that best fits you and your playstyle. Use our guide to betting types and markets to maximize your wagers.

Bonuses and Promotions

Always be on the lookout for the bonuses and promotions that boost your playstyle. The best operators in the business will offer bonuses for each playstyle, such as deposit bonuses, free bets, and cashback offers. Regardless of how you bet, you are eventually going to find a bonus for it.

Banking and Payouts

We recommend that you choose a bookie with a plethora of banking options. This will allow you to use the payment method that you love. Furthermore, it will help you in case your favorite payment method is temporarily unavailable. You should fully expect your venue to host card methods (Visa and MasterCard), e-wallets, bank transfers, and even cryptocurrencies. Make your next deposit or withdrawal quick and easy with the best banking methods in the business.

Security and Reputation

Security should be one of your main concerns when looking at your next gaming venue. Your financial information should be kept safe at all costs, which is typical of licensed, legitimate, and certified venues. Said attributes are typical of our recommended sites.

Customer Support

Unresponsive or bad customer support should be an immediate red flag. We all wish that we will never need customer support, but it better be good when we need it. The best operators offer 24/7 support, a live chat, and quick responses.


Nobody likes being limited when it comes to their gaming platform. The best operators are well aware of this and will offer mobile apps and dedicated variants that cater to every kind of device.

Eligible Sports

The possibilities in the realm of online sports betting are endless, but the most popular ones include the following:

Soccer Betting

Every soccer fan can barely wait for momentous events such as MLS (Major League Soccer), La Liga, the English Premier League, the Canadian Premier League, UEFA, and the World Cup. These major events are supplemented by countless betting markets all over the world.

Basketball Betting

Basketball is beloved the world over, and you are guaranteed to find an endless supply of local and international basketball events. Have a gander at the NBA section and some of the markets that your bookie offers. Alternatively, have a look at our list of basketball-oriented bookmakers and choose among the best in the business!

Hockey Betting

Hockey would not be the same without the NHL games. These are not only a spectacle. They are also an opportunity to bet on what you love. Expect a vast array of local and international leagues, tournaments, matches, and markets.

UFC Betting

Dive into the virtual betting ring and bet on who you hope will be the next champion. An almost endless supply of betting options, hundreds of fights, and countless talented athletes are the perfect backdrop to memorable wagers.

Horse Racing Betting

Only a few decades ago, you had to travel all the way to the Epsom Downs Racecourse in England to bet on the best horse racing event in the world. Nowadays, you can wager on the Epson Derby from the comfort of your home. Horse racing has been around for millennia. Even the Byzantine emperor Justinian loved it. Partake in this rich heritage with bets on the Triple Crown horses, The Grand National (UK), or the Dubai World Cup (UAE).

College Football Betting

While this sport is more popular in the US, it is still worth having a gander at. Heck, you might even spot a prospective football star.

Football Betting

The North American betting market would not be the same without football bets. However, it is not beloved just by American punters but also by punters all over the world. The NFL is, therefore, fun not only for Americans but for everyone. Have a gander at it, consider our betting guides, and make your bankroll last as long as possible.

Cricket Betting

Cricket is beloved not only by the British but by punters all over the world. You can expect most betting sites to host at least a few cricket betting events, matches, tournaments, and leagues. Said local and international events are crowned by the Global T20 competition that brings out the best of cricket and subsequently makes for unforgettable cricket betting.


This depends entirely on the venue at which you are placing your bets. Should you decide to stick to our recommended sites, you need not worry about your safety and security. If you decide to find a bookie on your own, make sure that they have a transparent privacy policy, a long history, solid reviews, good ratings, and a spotless reputation.

Bookmakers are aware of the endless increase in mobile app popularity. They have, subsequently, developed a plethora of Android and iOS friendly mobile apps that allow you to place bets from your phone. These apps are mirror images of mobile browsers and represent a handy alternative to conventional desktop usage.

Yes, you are! Well, if you get it from a reliable source, that is. Applications downloaded from the App Store or Play Store are audited for safety and security. Moreover, you can easily spot bad or shady applications based on their reviews. If you download an app directly from a website, make sure that the website is reliable.

That depends entirely on your local gambling laws. Sports betting websites are subject to various laws and regulations imposed by the government, so be mindful of your local laws.

This depends entirely on the venue at hand, but expect a colorful array of national and international sports. Classics such as rugby, cricket, soccer, American football, lacrosse, ice hockey, darts, and even horse racing are to be expected.

These are the cornerstone of your success and downfall. They show you exactly how much money you can make when successful and how likely a team or individual is to triumph. This prediction extends to matches, competitions, tournaments, leagues, and so on.

Odds tend to be composed of various factors pertaining to the skills of the individuals in question and their psycho-physical states. These include but are not limited to previous matches, the weather, injuries, and personal grief. Your bookmaker will take all of these into account and produce applicable odds.

This differs from player to player, but a ROI of 5% is considered superb. Note that factors such as your game knowledge, experience, betting strategy, luck, and more move this percentage up and down.

If you adore watching sports and follow both teams and individuals attentively, then why not try your luck on something that you are familiar with? Heck, you might just win enough to attend their next match in person!

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