A Quick Guide to Responsible Gambling

Responsible gambling is a touchy subject that often invokes anger or frustration. This guide is dedicated to intelligently tackling the issue so that your gaming sessions are not only fun but also healthy. Use our handy tips and superb tools to achieve this, and have a gander at various responsible gambling apps, organizations, and free helplines in case you feel overwhelmed.

The things that we love the most are often what we run to for comfort. Some make use of sports, some go to clubs, and others test Lady Luck in online gambling. This hobby is just that, a tool that you use to entertain yourself when you are looking for some fun. However, it can spill over into something far more sinister. One may become obsessed or even addicted to gaming to the point where he or she gambles impulsively. The latter often leads to emotional distress, financial burdens, and other issues that are scary but not final. Remember, there are always institutions and individuals willing to help. Every single burden and hurdle can be overcome. We know that pulling yourself up by your bootstraps is hard and scary, which is why this article is dedicated to tackling this very issue. We want to help you keep your online gambling safe and responsible.

Professional Help

There is no need to tackle a gambling problem independently. If you or a loved one are taking online gambling to unhealthy lengths, simply reach out to one of the countless professionals around the world. These are available in various languages and time zones. The best international and local help resources include:


This organization prides itself on offering international therapy. GamblingTherapy.org offers assistance in various languages, so you can always express your issues freely without worrying about misunderstandings. Moreover, there are support groups that help you overcome your strife with comrades. Note that there are also support forums, email contacts, and other media should you feel uncomfortable with phone calls.

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BeGambleAware makes confidentiality its top priority. This discrete service will help you tackle your gambling concerns in complete privacy.

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Resources and Tools

One of the best aspects of online casinos is their various tools and resources. These quizzes or articles may help you learn more about your habits. Furthermore, there are online tools that make juggling and tackling your concerns comfortable, anonymous, and easy. Contact your customer support should you have trouble finding said tools. They will not judge you; they are here to help.

PAGCOR Player Exclusion

This program aims to offer individuals who believe that either themselves or their family members are experiencing issues with gambling the opportunity to exclude them from all gaming locations or websites.

Visit the site to apply.

Responsible Gaming Code of Practice

Following Presidential Decree No. 1869 as modified by Republic Act No. 9487, PAGCOR oversees, authorizes, and regulates gaming facilities within the Philippines while encouraging responsible gaming services. The Code of Practice outlined here establishes standards and principles for Responsible Gaming that must be implemented by all entities licensed or operated by PAGCOR in authorized gaming establishments. The aim is to reduce the possibility of harm to individual players and communities, deter gambling addiction, and prohibit underage gambling.

Read the Code of Practice


Few sites tackle problematic gambling from as many angles as ReponsibleGambling.org. This organization helps adults and youth with resources, region-specific content, free gambling help phone lines, self-exclusion programs, and so on. You are guaranteed to find something that clicks with you.

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The GT App

This application is an extension of GamblingTherapy.org that you can use on your Android or iOS device. Use it to gauge your condition with the help of self-assessment questionnaires, live support, mindfulness exercises, motivational quotes, crisis support, and so on. You can download and use it completely free of charge whenever you please.

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It is better to prevent problems than seek their cures. Stay a step ahead of potential issues, prevent problematic gambling, and stay responsible by following these handy tips.


Online casinos usually provide punters with so-called responsible gambling tools. These can be used to limit deposits, bets, and withdrawals or to simply self-exclude from gambling. The latter is a simple timed break that prevents you from using your account or its features for a certain time period or indefinitely. If you cannot find these helpful tools, contact your casino’s customer support.

The clinical consensus is that it is a mental health problem, which is why it is even more important that you seek the help of a mental health professional. Some are capable of beating their addition independently, while others require some assistance. There is no shame in this whatsoever.

Games such as poker allow for some wiggle room in terms of tricking your opponents. However, at the end of the day, it is luck that decides your fate. Luck washes away skill and dedication with ruthless force. There is no strategy or mechanism that can trick Lady Luck.

If you find yourself getting agitated during your bets or feeling the need to pursue wins or losses, you need to take a break. Your likelihood to win is generally always the same, so you will not miss out on anything.

Compulsive disorders are a very complicated subject. The first step is always to cease your activity, in this case by closing your gaming browser or app. The next step is to contact a professional and find help. Only by following professional advice can you beat problem gambling.

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