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Filipino players can sign up with Bitcoin casinos if they want to use an anonymous payment form that is impressively secure.

Online Casinos Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin casinos have been around for over a decade now. Although many players were initially reluctant to use them, more and more of them are warming up to the idea of using BTC to gamble online. The best bitcoin online casinos offer many advantages such as more anonymity, fast withdrawals, and much more.

If you’re looking for information on bitcoin casinos, you’ve come to the right place. This page will explain everything you need to know about gambling with bitcoin, including advantages and disadvantages of this growingly popular approach.

How It Works: What Are Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos aren’t all that different from traditional casinos. The main difference is that payments are done via bitcoin instead of fiat currencies. So, to play at one of these sites, you’ll need to have a bitcoin wallet and get your hands on some BTC.

Other than that, though, these operate like all online casinos. You’ll have access to a variety of slots and other casino games from many top providers. If anything, you might be able to play some new games unique to the best bitcoin casinos without having to give up on your favorite titles.

How to Pick the Best Bitcoin Casinos?

When trying to pick the best bitcoin casino to play at, people often get too hang up on the “bitcoin” part. The fact of the matter is, you want to pay attention to all the things you pay attention to with “regular” online casinos to help you make up your mind.

  • Game selection: Does the bitcoin casino offer a good variety of games and do they have slots you enjoy playing? You shouldn’t have to lower your expectations or hurt your gaming experience just for the sake of playing in BTC.
  • Welcome bonus: What kind of a bonus does the casino offer for new players and does the bonus fit with your expectations and habits as a player? These things can be a bit harder to figure out when dealing with bitcoins so more on that a bit later.
  • Safety and reputation: Is the casino properly licensed and what kind of a reputation does it enjoy with the players? You should always look for the sites that are trustworthy and that will keep your money and your personal information safe at all times.
  • Withdrawal times: The best bitcoin casinos are able to offer very quick withdrawals. As a player, you should have quick and easy access to your winnings at all times so pay special attention to this detail.

The number of bitcoin casinos out there is already quite big and it increases by the day. So, you should take some time to figure things out before you make the final decision and decide to trust one of them with your money.

Getting Started: How to Begin With Bitcoin Casinos?

If you aren’t completely new to the world of online gambling, you shouldn’t have too much problems getting started with bitcoin casinos, either. Registering and playing games is virtually the same. Deposits and withdrawals are only real differences.

  1. Register with the casino you picked

Once you find a bitcoin online casino you like, you’ll need to register for an account. Depending on the site, the registration process could be much simpler than the one you’re used to with traditional casinos. Bitcoin sites will require less information to get you started. Some of them won’t even ask for your name and surname to begin with, although this is starting to change.

  1. Deposit some bitcoins

This is one step that most players new to bitcoin casinos worry about. In reality, it’s quite simple. You’ll need to open a bitcoin wallet, which can be done in a matter of minutes these days, and get it funded with some BTC. There are many different ways to purchase bitcoins using your card or a traditional e-wallet.

Once you have some funds ready, you can transfer them from your wallet to the casino wallet. On the deposit page, you’ll be given the address where you should send your BTC. Copy the address, send the funds, and give it a few minutes.

  1. You’re ready to play

When bitcoins appear in your account, you’re good to go. Find the game you want to play, pick your stake, and start playing. If stakes are shown in BTC, it might take you a little while to get used to it but this isn’t a huge deal. After a few minutes, you won’t feel the difference.

New Bitcoin Casinos: Good Idea or Not?

When deciding what site to play on, there are many different factors to think about. New bitcoin casinos that are fresh to the market always represent a special kind of a dilemma. Should you give them a try or stick to casinos that have been around for a while?

On one hand, these new sites will often offer generous welcome bonus packages and other promotions that promise more bang for your buck. On the other, there isn’t much information about them and you don’t really know what to expect from the player’s point of view.

In these situations, you should stick to the earlier formula and look into other important factors, such as licensing, game selection, withdrawal times, and similar.

A nice welcome bonus is definitely a plus as well. If you can get some extra funds to begin with, it can only be the good thing. That said, you should also pay attention to the fine print and make sure that terms and conditions of the bonus are acceptable.

All in all, new bitcoin casinos are definitely worth the shot and some of them will surprise you in a good way. But, some extra caution is definitely advisable and recommended when dealing with new sites, whether they’re of the bitcoin variety or classic online casinos.


Bitcoin Deposit / Withdrawal Guide

If there is one reason players still stay away from Bitcoin casinos, that’s the lack of understanding how deposit and withdrawals work on these sites. While it may seem a bit confusing at first, once you figure out the process, it’s really no harder than dealing with traditional casinos and using e-wallets like NETELLER or Skrill.

Depositing to Bitcoin Casinos

To be able to fund your bitcoin casino account, you’ll first need to have a BTC wallet. You can easily get one of these online and it will take you only a few minutes to have it ready.

The next order of business is getting your hands on some bitcoins to put into the wallet. There are many exchanges where you use your card or e-wallet to buy bitcoin so that shouldn’t be too difficult, either. Simply figure out how much BTC you need and use the most convenient payment method to fund the purchase.

Send the money you just bought to your BTC wallet. You’ll find the wallet address when you log in to your account. Copy and paste this address in the required field to send the bitcoin you bought to your wallet.

Once there, you’re ready to make your deposit with the bitcoin casino of your choice.

From your cashier, select BTC as the deposit method (as there will usually be some other options) and follow the instructions. The casino will provide you with the address that you need to send your bitcoin to. Once again, copy this address.

In your BTC wallet, use the option to send money and, when prompted, paste the address the casino gave you. Confirm the transaction and wait for a few minutes. Provided you’ve done everything right, the funds will appear in your account and you’ll be ready to play.

Some casinos will make it even easier. They’ll ask for the address of your wallet. Once you type it in and initiate the transfer, you can log in to your wallet and you’ll have the transaction pending. Simply authorize it to complete the deposit.

Bitcoin Casino Withdrawals

Withdrawals via bitcoin are even simpler. When you want to cash out, you’ll once again go to the cashier section and select BTC as the option.

The casino will ask you to provide the address of your wallet. You can find this address in the wallet’s settings. Copy the information and paste it into the relevant field on the withdrawal page. Once done, just confirm the withdrawal.

That’s it. Money will be on its way to you. Depending on the site you choose, it can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days to receive your withdrawal. The best bitcoin online casinos are usually very quick to process cashout requests so you can expect to receive the funds within 24 hours.

Popular Crypto Currencies

Bitcoin was the first so-called cryptocurrency. For a long time, it reigned supreme in its niche. However, with the whole concept becoming more widespread and better accepted, new cryptocurrencies started to appear. You’ll find many of these featured at various online casinos as well.

Litecoin Online Casinos: Enjoy Faster Transactions

Litecoin (LTC) was one of the first cryptocurrencies in the market besides bitcoin. It first appeared in 2011 and it has since grown a lot in popularity. The number of litecoin casinos in today’s iGaming market is anything but small.

One thing that LTC has over bitcoin is that it’s “lighter” (hence the name). What this means is that average processing times for transactions are shorter. Block times for litecoin are just two and a half minutes while BTC blocks take 10 minutes on average.

Because of its popularity, LTC is almost as easy to acquire as BTC. You’ll find it at all major cryptocurrency exchanges so if you decide to go this route, you won’t encounter any major holdups.

It’s important to note that litecoin online casinos are rarely exclusive to LTC. This is usually just one of many options accepted by the site and many of these LTC casinos also accept bitcoin. What this means for you as a player is that you’ll always have options even if you decide to step away from LTC for whatever reason.

Ethereum Casinos: Cryptocurrency of the Next Generation

Creators of Ethereum (ETH) have taken the cryptocurrency game to a whole new level. Although it shares some treats with bitcoin, ethereum is a very different beast. It operates on the principle of smart contracts used to verify each transaction, making it very safe for the users.

The ETH technology has many other potential applications that go beyond cryptocurrencies so it seems to have a very bright future ahead.

When it comes to ethereum online casinos, the number of these has been on the rise in the recent years as well. There are more and more sites where you can fund your play using ETH.

If you’re new to the world of cryptocurrencies and cryptocurrency gambling, ethereum represents a good choice because it is cheaper and easier to acquire than bitcoin. So, if you’re just starting out and want to test the waters of the vast cryptocurrency sea, this is a good place to begin.

ETH casinos will offer everything you need as a player. Many of these sites have excellent gaming libraries and provide alternative payment methods, and you’ll also find some very generous bonuses to give you a nice head start.

Bitcoin Cash: It’s not Same as Bitcoin

The world of cryptocurrencies is a complex and rather fascinating one. If you wanted to truly understand its foundations, it would take some serious effort and studying.

What you need to know as a player, though, is that Bitcoin Cash (BCH) isn’t the same thing as bitcoin (BTC). These are two distinct cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin cash was born out of bitcoin because the blockchain was starting to get overcrowded. With the interest in BTC growing and more and more people using it on a daily basis, transaction times slowed down.

So, BCH was created to tackle the issue. So, if you opt for one of bitcoin cash casinos, you’ll get faster transactions. However, you won’t be able to fund your account with bitcoin. You’ll need to purchase or obtain BCH.

Dogecoin Casinos: A Joke That Turned Serious

Dogecoin (DOGE) is another cryptocurrency that emerged from the cryptocurrency craze in the recent years. It actually started as a joke but the joke was so well-received by the online community that Dogecoin turned into a full-fledged, standalone crypto.

You won’t find any exclusive dogecoin online casinos. However, some of the best bitcoin online casinos will frequently offer DOGE as one of the alternatives alongside BTC, LTC, and ETH.

So, everything we’ve talked about earlier applies to DOGE casinos as well. They have a decent selection of games and offer a good gaming experience. Dodgecoin isn’t nearly as popular as some of other cryptocurrencies, but if you had some kicking about and wanted to use it for gambling, you could.

Tron Online Casinos: New Options to Explore

Tron (TRX) is yet another cryptocurrency and everything covered so far mostly applies to Tron online casinos as well. However, these operators do have some distinct features that players can look forward to as well.

Many of TRX casinos will feature a number of unique games based entirely on the cryptocurrency network. So, if you’re looking to break the routine and want some new entertaining games to try, these sites are worth checking out.

Other than this, you’ll find a bunch of slots, table games, and other forms of casino entertainment on these tron online casinos. So, basically, you won’t have to give up on the games you usually enjoy, but you might discover some brand new titles.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses

Just like traditional online casinos, the best bitcoin online casinos offer all sorts of bonuses for their players. From welcome offers for newcomers, over free spins and reload bonuses, to VIP promotions for high stakes players, these sites tend to be quite generous.

In terms of value BTC casino bonuses usually offer much bigger amounts than the ones you can get with fiat currencies. So, for those used to playing at higher stakes and looking for big offers, these casinos might be the better option.

Bitcoin Casino Bonuses & Wagering Requirements

Even on the best bitcoin casinos, you’ll still have to deal with wagering requirements when using bonus funds. There is simply no way around this as casinos do what they can to protect themselves against scammers and cheaters while catering to honest players.

Wagering requirements are no different to what you’d find at any non-BTC casino. The amount you receive in cash or that results from free spins will need to be turned over a certain number of times. If you deposit a full 1 BTC to receive a 100% bonus and there is 25x wagering, you’ll need to place a total of 25 BTC worth of bets.

Of course, most people won’t actually deposit a full bitcoin but the principle still applies regardless of the amount.

There are other terms and conditions you should pay attention to as well. Check out how long you have to actually meet the wagering requirements and verify what’s the biggest single bet while using the bonus. These terms aren’t specific to bitcoin casinos but it’s worth mentioning them again just in case.

Bitcoin Casino Gaming Options

When bitcoin casinos first started, they often had a very limited selection of games. As the time progressed, their gaming portfolio expanded. Today, you’ll find thousands of casino games at the best bitcoin online casinos, ranging from slots to live dealer tables.

BTC Slots

Slots are easily the most popular pick of a majority of casino players. The good news is, modern bitcoin casinos feature big slots’ libraries with hundreds and even thousands of titles.

These days, you’ll find many slots from popular studios, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil, and many more. So, if you have a particular game you really enjoy, the odds are good you’ll be able to find it on BTC casinos as well.

On top of this, there are also certain bitcoin-only slots that you probably haven’t had a chance to play before. Although the number of these titles isn’t huge, it’s something to look into if you’re on the lookout for some fresh slots to try.

The best bitcoin casinos will usually let you play in the currency of your choice, including many fiat currencies. When this isn’t the case and you have to play in BTC, it may take you a little while to get used to how the stakes work so take your time. You don’t want to put your entire bankroll on the line on a single spin.

Live Dealer Games & Bitcoin

Some years ago, it was really hard to find a bitcoin casino with live dealers. Today, this is no longer the problem as many BTC gambling sites feature a great variety of live dealer options for every taste.

This is primarily due to the fact that Evolution Gaming decided to enter the bitcoin space. Evolution is the absolute leader in the live dealer niche and having access to their selection of tables is more than enough to keep most players happy.

From various roulette and blackjack variations, over baccarat and numerous casino poker games, to games inspired by TV shows, live dealer casinos on bitcoin sites will provide you with the ultimate gaming experience.

Bitcoin Apps

Just like the rest of operators in the iGaming world, BTC casinos make it easy for the players to enjoy their gaming experience on the go. Bitcoin apps offer a chance to play on your phone and tablet, wherever and whenever you feel like it. Most of them are based on modern technologies so you won’t even have to download any software to play.

How We Rate Bitcoin Casinos

A bitcoin casino or not, our review process is always almost identical. Our team of experts looks into every single aspect of an online casino to ensure that it meets the criteria to be featured on the site. Only the best bitcoin online casinos can pass these filters.

Below, you can see all the criteria we look into when reviewing a casino and how individual ratings influence the overall result.

More of What Our Ratings Are Based Of

To get the full picture, we heavily rely on other information, especially those coming directly from the players. Players’ experience and feedback play a huge role in final ratings and help us create a well-balanced and accurate image of every casino reviewed on the site.


Are bitcoin casinos better than traditional online casinos?

While it’s hard to say if BTC casinos are better, they definitely have some advantages over classic online casinos, such as faster withdrawals and bigger bonuses. Ultimately, it’s up to you as a player to decide where you prefer to play.

Can I play on bitcoin casinos from my phone?

Yes you can. The best bitcoin online casinos make it easy to play from your phone or tablet, either by downloading the casino app or by simply visiting the casino site from your device.

How hard is it to get started with a bitcoin casino?

Not hard at all. The hardest part is getting your hands on some bitcoins but even that is not too difficult today. There are many exchanges where you can purchase BTC using more traditional payment methods.

Do bitcoin casinos offer games I’m used to playing on other online casinos?

Many bitcoin casinos offer popular slots and other games from big-name providers like NetEnt and Microgaming so you’ll find plenty of games you love and are familiar with on these sites. Lately, many BTC casinos have even started offering live dealer games.

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