Wire Transfer

A wire transfer is a bit obsolete method in the today's modern environment, but most online casinos still feature it as one of their banking options.

Top Wire Transfer Online Casinos

The ability to send and receive money is one of the most important things for online casinos and players alike. There are many banking methods in existence nowadays and all of them have their upsides and downsides. A wire transfer, although it may seem a bit outdated in today's modern climate, still remains one of the leading solutions for many players around the globe, including Philippines players.

Wire Transfer Pros

Although it is mostly used as a withdrawal method, some online casinos will also let players make deposits using a wire transfer. One of the biggest upsides of this system is that it only requires you have a cash on hand for making deposits and a bank account if you want to make a withdrawal.

When depositing with this method, players can simply go to the nearest bank (or use online banking), fill up the payment request, and send cash to the destination bank account. In the event of a withdrawal, the casino will require player's banking details, which can be easily acquired from your bank, so they know where to send money to.

The money will arrive straight to your bank account, and you can then use it as you like, without any further complications.

Wire Transfer Cons

There are two main reasons against using wire transfers. The first one is the fact these bank transfers are among the slowest methods around, taking up to two weeks (or even more) to process. Also, fees players have to pay in the process are among the highest ones around.

It is also worth noting that not many casinos accept deposits via wire transfer, so this shouldn't be the method of choice if you can help it, but it is a viable option for players who have no other alternatives.

Wire Transfer Online Casinos

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