The Top Real Money Casinos for Online Video Poker in 2023

Have you been itching to play real money video poker at the best online casinos in the business? This guide lists the top online casino sites based on the ranking and reviews of our experts. Partake in the best real money video poker, discover handy tips, and explore exciting video poker variants such as Jacks or Better, Aces and Faces, and countless other options!

Top Pick
Approved Approved
Vulkan Vegas Casino

Up to ₱75000 + 150 Free Spins on your first 3 deposits

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Win Rate
Payout Speed
1 - 2 Days

Excellent reputation since it went online.

Games from NetEnt and Microgaming.

Very friendly support.

Wide range of currencies.

Smooth gameplay on world-class software.

A mobile-friendly website and gaming collection.

Payment Methods
Approved Approved

300% Match Bonus up to ₱500

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Win Rate
Payout Speed
1 hour

Excellent reputation since the casino was established.

Offers the legendary Mega Moolah slots game.

24/7 live chat, phone, and email customer support.

Fast Withdrawals time.

Powered by the latest state-of-the-art software from Microgaming.

Available as a mobile casino.

Payment Methods
Approved Approved
22BET Casino

100% Match Bonus up to €300

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Payout Speed
1 - 2 Days

Excellent reputation since it went online.

Top Microgaming slots including Mega Moolah.

Helpful live chat and email customer support.

Guaranteed same-day withdrawals.

The casino is Bitcoin-friendly.

Smooth gameplay on world-class software.

Payment Methods
Payout Speed
1 hour
Payment Methods

300% Match Bonus up to ₱100


21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Approved Approved
20BET Casino
Win Rate
Payout Speed
7 days
Payment Methods

Up to ₱13000 + 170 Free Spins on your first 2 deposits

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Approved Approved
National Casino
Payout Speed
2 - 3 Days
Payment Methods

Up to $300 + 150 Free Spins on your first 2 deposits

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Approved Approved
Betvisa Casino
Payment Methods

300% Match Bonus up to ₱1500

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Approved Approved
1xSlots Casino
Payout Speed
1 - 2 Days
Payment Methods

Up to €1650 on your first 4 deposits


21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Approved Approved
Sun Palace Casino
Payout Speed
2 - 3 Days
Payment Methods

150% Match Bonus up to $7000


21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Approved Approved
Ice Casino
Payout Speed
1 - 2 Days
Payment Methods

Up to €1500 + 270 Free Spins on your first 4 deposits

21+ Only, T&C Apply.
Online Video Poker
Have you always wanted to play online video poker but did not know where to start? Then check out this detailed guide that teaches you everything from game rules to advanced strategies and terms. Get an overview of video poker, learn hands, tips, check out free video poker games, and make the most of your gaming session with the best online casinos hosting real money video poker today.


Punters have been mesmerized by amazing slot machines for more than a century now. When casino operators wanted to introduce a brand-new genre to the market, they had a long hard look at slots and discovered that they could be crossed with poker. Thus, emerged video poker, one of the most popular casino games of modernity.

This exciting game first appeared in the ritzy casinos of the Las Vegas Strip. Video poker has gone a long way since these humble beginnings. The advance of technology and countless innovative solutions have grown it into a riveting game with countless gaming options. Filipino casino players absolutely adore real money online video poker, and this guide will show you why that is the case.

The entry-level for video poker beginners is relatively low, as the game is composed of slot and poker aspects. Cards can be kept and discarded with the goal of forming the perfect hand. While luck plays an enormous role, there is a glimmer of strategy involved. Additionally, the game has an astonishing RTP or return-to-play percentage of over 98%, which makes it stand out. Despite the fact that this game is rather generous, you ought to still keep your wits about you and limit your time and bankroll. Video poker and casino games, as a whole, attempt to maximize your playtime, so push back as much as possible. Remember that you want to have fun, not drain your wallet. More on this soon.

The Basics of Video Poker

The basic premise of video poker is tied to the underlying five-card game that everyone loves. Each participant is, therefore, given five cards from a deck of 52 on each deal. Note that the hand rankings remain the same as in poker, which in order from weakest to strongest, amounts to:

  1. High Card
  2. One Pair
  3. Two Pair
  4. Three of a Kind
  5. Straight
  6. Flush
  7. Full House
  8. Four of a Kind
  9. Straight Flush
  10. Royal Flush

A signature component of video poker is that you can choose to keep and discard certain cards. The cards that are marked for discarding are then replaced by new ones. The hand that you end up with is then in the running for payouts based on the game's associated paytable, which depends entirely on the title in question. Make sure to check it out before the action starts so that you are not left confused and insulted.

Another characteristic of modern video poker games are wild cards, such as Deuces Wild. These make a certain card into a wild card and allow punters to make stronger hands in a much easier and more straightforward manner. Remember that payouts start at a big pair or more and that a royal flush usually comes with a jackpot.

Video poker is, like every casino game, largely based on luck. However, there is a lot of wiggle room that allows you to play the way that you want to. You can go in any direction you choose based on your gut instinct and beliefs, which is a luxury that few casino games offer.

The Best Real Money Video Poker Casino Game

While this article covers numerous exciting video poker variants, there are countless other offshoots spread throughout the internet that may even trump them. We want you to know that every choice is the right choice if it means that you will have fun. We can safely say that due to the fact that video poker games have unmatched RTP. Additionally, the associated bonuses open the door to exciting gaming sessions, which can give you unforgettable memories. Remember that every gaming session is an attempt to have fun and does not constitute a money-making scheme.

Some of you might decide to opt for video slots, which is perfectly fine, but we would like to remind you that video poker machines tend to rake in more cash. The fact that video poker games are slightly less popular does not take away from their worth.

Pick Your Favorite Online Video Poker Casino

Gone are the days of dressing up in a fancy suit and traveling halfway across the country to play some poker. You can, nowadays, enjoy the thrills of video poker from the comfort of your home. This is not only possible thanks to numerous handy sites but also thanks to the hundreds of games that they offer. Note that games differ from venue to venue, so keep this in mind before choosing an online casino.

OCR has entire articles and a whole team dedicated to the art of finding the perfect casino. You are welcome to check these out or to simply consider the following. Your chosen venue should have a plethora of video poker games with full pay, which means that the paytables are legitimate and that maximum payouts occur for every hand. We suggest that you compare the same title on various sites, as payouts vary. Note that this is due to the mannerisms of software developers.

Another crucial aspect of your future gaming endeavors are bonuses. This is where things get tricky, as numerous casinos do not count video poker bets when considering wagering requirements. Check out our top video poker online casinos, whose bonuses and other characteristics are first-in-class, and see which one appeals to you the most.


Betting Options

The simple baseline of video poker does not dumb down its betting options. These are numerous and have a lot to offer. Remember that payouts are linked to your hand's value multiplied by the number of coins that you decide to bet. Furthermore, winning hands have their associated payouts listed in the game’s help file or on the game screen. An example of hands and their payouts is:

  • Royal Flush: x250
  • Straight Flush: x50
  • Four of a kind: x25
  • Full House: x9
  • Flush: x6
  • Straight: x4
  • Three of a kind: x3
  • Two Pair: x2
  • Jacks or Better: x1

Payout structures are one of the most important aspects of any game, and they change from casino to casino. Note that some venues increase them to increase the house edge, which you should be aware of before committing funds.

Punters are often surprised by the heights that their bets reach. A perfect example will be a Royal Flush, whose payout is not equal to 250 as one might expect based on the standard payout table, but rather 800 times if five coins or more are wagered.

Video Poker Strategies

Very few casino games give you an advantage based on your skills. Video poker is one such rare game that values the perfect strategy. Remember that different variants and paytables require different strategies. The following examples are based on Jacks or Better at full pay.

-          If you are dealt five disconnected cards, draw five

-          If you are dealt one high card, draw four

-          If you are dealt two high cards, draw three

-          If you are dealt two to a royal flush, draw three

-          If you are dealt three to a straight flush, draw two

-          If you are dealt four to a straight, draw one

-          If you are dealt one low pair, draw three

-          If you are dealt four to a flush, draw one

-          If you are dealt three to a royal flush, draw two

-          If you are dealt one high pair, draw three

-          If you are dealt two pairs, draw one

-          If you dealt four to a straight flush, draw one

-          If you are dealt a straight, stand pat

-          If you are dealt three of a kind, draw two

-          If you are dealt a flush, stand pat

-          If you are dealt a straight flush, draw one

-          If you are dealt a full house, a four-of-a-kind, a straight flush, or a royal flush, stand pat

Following this cheat sheet when playing Jacks or Better maximizes your chances of the best possible payout. Note that you do not have to follow these to a T, as you should always strive to have fun by adjusting this strategy as you see fit.

Hand Rankings

Punters absolutely adore the fact that video poker mimics the hands of conventional poker. The main difference is the single pair. But let us look at a real-world example, such as Jacks or Better. The latter is the basis of numerous video poker games, so the same principle will apply to other titles. This variant crowns a winner only if the punter in question holds a pair of Jacks, Queens, Kings, or Aces. Pairs consisting of other cards are worthless, and they do not rake in any winnings. Let us quickly break down possible hands and what you need to form them.

  • A royal flush: A selection of cards with the same suit from 10 to ace, so 10, J, Q, K, and A.
  • A straight flush: A selection of five cards of the same suit, such as 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.
  • Four of a kind: Four cards with the same number and different suits.
  • A full house: A pair and one three of a kind.
  • A flush: 5 cards of the same suit and any number.
  • A straight: Five sequential cards of different suits.
  • A three-of-a-kind: Three cards that have the exact same number.
  • Two pairs: Two pairs of numbers, so two 2s and two 5s.
  • Jacks or Better: A pair consisting of J, Q, K, or A.

You can find these payouts on a table on the screen, but you should still put in the effort to memorize them. Looking up a table slows needlessly down your decision-making and gaming.

Why Should I Even Play Video Poker

There is no disputing the fact that online gambling is a blossoming industry that is witness to tremendous year-on-year growth. This is not only apparent in the number of online casinos that you have on offer but also in the games that they host. Gambling from the comfort of your home is a convenience that cannot be trumped, especially when video poker is involved. The main attractions of video poker are:

Pleasant solitude - The majority of online poker, especially in live form, consists of other players that occasionally cause headaches by messing with your hand and bets or even taking the pot for themselves. This is mitigated by video poker, which pits only you against the machine.

Easily trackable payouts - The payouts of winning hands are set in advance, so you need not worry about being overtaken by another player’s hand. Additionally, the issue of a dealer beating your hand is completely mitigated.

Enjoyable casino bonuses - You will always be showered with various bonuses, such as welcome or no deposit bonuses, that give you more funds with which you can enjoy your chosen video poker game. These additional funds prolong your gameplay and open the door to unforgettable experiences.

Pure entertainment - You should not be limited when playing, especially if you are a beginner. Playing video poker allows you to check what constitutes a flush and a full house and see in which way the action is taking you.


We have mentioned how poker is a game of skill, but you can check out the world series of poker if you do not believe us. These professionals know the ins and outs of poker, which allows them to maximize their sessions. Check out the following tips and tricks to make the most of your gaming session today.

Kicking Things Off

Online video poker is a rather intimidating game that can easily get you worried. We recommend that you ease the tension and optimize your experience by checking out the following handy tips.

1 Pick your table

The world of online video poker offers almost endless possibilities, which is why choosing your next title is so difficult. We recommend that you first find a trustworthy casino and then decide on a game variant that aligns with your needs and wants. When that is taken care of, simply deposit and enjoy. Note that we have a list of trustworthy online venues that were audited by our experts.

2 Bet

The basic currency of video poker are coins or credits, which you buy. It is up to you how many coins you bet, starting with 1 and a maximum of 5. Note that this varies greatly from title to title. Once you set a bet, smack the deal button and see what fortune your first five cards bring.

3 Pick long-term cards

You will now have to decide which cards you intend to discard. This decision is completely independent, and you can hold one, all, or none of the received cards. Click the draw button when you reach your decision.

4 Draw second cards

This stage of the game gives you your second selection of cards, which helps form your final hand.

5 Wait for the outcome and enjoy

The only thing that is left now is to reveal your hand and see how much or how little you won. Note that this will be clearly highlighted by your chosen game.

Free VS Real Money Video Poker

Punters often have a hard time deciding between free and real money video poker. Both variants have their pros and cons, which is why we recommend that you keep the following in mind.

Free Video Poker Real Money Video Poker
Superb for beginners You can snag bonuses
You cannot lose a peso You can lose your entire deposit
There are no winnings You can win a small fortune
Your gaming is not constrained Certain aspects are limited to real-money participants

Video poker terms are rather widespread, but we would still like to introduce you to certain jargon that you might otherwise miss. Check out our handy glossary that teaches you the most important terms associated with video poker and sound like a pro in no time!

Video Poker Glossary

Video Poker Variants

We have mentioned the plethora of choices that you will encounter when exploring real money video poker online, and now it is time that we introduce you to the most popular variants. Remember that new and exciting offshoots appear on a daily level, so do not worry too much if these do not tickle your fancy. However, if the described game tickles your fancy, head on over to our list of recommended online casinos and take it for a spin today!

Jacks or Better

This is the king of online video poker. Few games can match its popularity and simplicity. It is played with a 52-card deck that does not contain wild cards. Those that are familiar with five-card draw poker will feel right at home. Note that the payouts, as the name suggests, start off with jacks. You can snag a jackpot for a royal flush or pursue conventional winnings. We recommend that you bet the maximum number of credits, as this unlocks the full potential of your chosen video poker title. This game has an amazing RTP of 99.5% if maximums are bet. Such return potential trumps conventional slots. However, it can only be achieved with the perfect strategy, and it does not necessarily have to be paid to a single punter.

Tens or Better

This variant is very similar to Jacks or Better, as it uses the standard 52-card deck. It does not pertain to any special features, and punters are paid for making something as simple as a pair of tens. However, payouts for superior hands are a bit lower. Additionally, the presence of another winning pair lowers the variance. Tens or Better can be found in the majority of online casinos, with the final RTP being lower than in Jacks or Better.

Deuces Wild

This is the cash cow of video poker and one of those rare games that give punters an edge over the house. Perfect gameplay results in an optimal paytable with a player edge of 0.8%. While certain venues make Deuces Wild slightly less generous, the game still holds record returns. It is played with a conventional deck of 52 cards, with deuces being wild, which allows larger hands to be made with less effort. Payouts start at three of a kind, with the jackpot of 4.000 credits being available to a natural royal flush and five credits per hand. Note that a relatively simple hand, such as a royal flush, pays 125 credits.

Aces and Faces

Special bonuses for four-of-a-kind hands are characteristic of Aces and Faces. A perfect example would be double bonus poker. This game awes players with its payouts that are substantial, even for four aces of four picture cards. Its RTP can go up to 99.6% depending on the paytable and variant that you are exposed to.

Our Favorite Casino

Approved Approved
Hot Hot

Superace88 Casino

Best for
Over 1260 games available

Excellent reputation since it went online.

Live dealer casino games.

A friendly team of customer support advisors.

Players can set personal limits.

Playable in both download and in-browser version.

Win Rate
Payout Speed
Arcade Games
Auto Play
Budget Control
Fantasy Games
9 more
Payment Methods

200% Match Bonus up to ₱100

Welcome Bonus

21+ Only, T&C Apply.


Few online casino games allow you to great such a solid edge against the house as video poker. Certain versions pay back a whopping 100.8%.

While this is largely a matter of personal choice, which can vary greatly based on your experience and personality, games such as Deuces Wild or Double Bonus Poker, whose RTP is among the highest around, are great bets.

Most casinos boast numerous free variants of their paid video poker games, as this helps punters practice and gain some experience. Note that such variants cannot produce real money wins.

There is not a single casino game that can be beaten by a strategy, no matter how complex. The outcome of every hand is set by a random number generator, whose results cannot be impacted.

This is the best possible hand in the game. You will not need to manipulate it with additional cards or add value to it at any point.

This is a question that you should always ask yourself when encountering something new in the world of online gaming. Video poker at a legitimate establishment is legit. It is based on random number generators and similar software that guarantees randomness. These solutions are audited by third-party companies that keep you safe.

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