Why Online Baccarat is a Hit with Filipino Players

Mike P. - February 11, 2018

Explore the reasons why online baccarat has become one of the most popular casino games with Filipino players.

Over recent years, it has become apparent that Filipino players have a clear affinity for online baccarat. And this should be little wonder, given the glamorous feel and laid-back approach of real money baccarat. Here, we shall explore some of the reasons as to why online baccarat has proven so popular.

Accessible Rules

The appeal to play real money baccarat is that the rules can be easier to understand than for some other table games. This is a simpler experience where the player and banker attempt to end the hand closest to a natural 8 or 9. In scoring a hand, the numerical values apply, but aces are 1 and 10s and face cards are worth 0.

Baccarat offers a 1/1 payout on winning bets for the player or banker, but there are also side-betting opportunities to check out. The first of these is to back the hand finishing as a tie, which is worth 9/1. And then there is the chance to bet on the banker or player making a pair for 12/1.

Get the Authentic Experience

The casual nature of baccarat is the reason why it was the most popular social game in traditional casinos. This can even be seen through the lens of popular culture when watching spy films, including some in the James Bond franchise.

Nowadays, an upscale baccarat experience is not solely reserved for players who can afford to travel to Monte Carlo or other expensive casino locations. Filipino players can now visit live dealer casinos the likes of 888 Casino and others, and seek out baccarat tables with wagering limits to suit their bankroll.

Bitcoin Wagering

Baccarat is also being offered at the leading Bitcoin casinos. Not only are players able to hit the baccarat tables, but also they can perform financial transactions using their cryptocurrency. This is a clear advantage for the players who want to utilise the secure and sophisticated design of Bitcoin.



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