Low Limit Roulette

The popularity of the spinning wheel lives on with Low Limit Roulette.

Newcomers and casual players have the chance to enjoy the famous roulette wheel without risking their shirts in low limit roulette.   With a low limit, the classic thrills of the game have been made accessible to players of all bankrolls on an ongoing basis.  Now anybody can play the favorable odds of roulette with even money bets and payouts of up to 35 to 1 on individual numbers, while minimizing the amount of cash they have to lay out to get their chance.      

Roulette games can be tailored to those who prefer playing at a leisurely pace or those thrill seekers seeking a rapid play mode to get themselves deeper into the action, with low limits starting at .50 cents or a $1 in land-based casinos and as low as .05 cents at online casinos.  This gives all players the chance to understand as well as enjoy this streaky game but highly rewarding game of chance. 

The opportunity to extend roulette play to lower rollers has been seized upon by casino software developers to created roulette games that cater to players across the economic spectrum, starting with truly affordable and low impact bets.  The key to low-limit roulette strategy is the house edge.  The fact is that French roulette and European roulette have about half the house edge (26.3%) of American roulette (5.26%).  All three variants of roulette are typically found at online casinos and land-based casinos around the world.

Different roulette strategies integrating the laws of mathematics and economics to varying degrees include the Martingale system, Fibonacci system and the D’Alembert system.  However, these are reactive strategies based on calculating the likelihood of numbers occurring equally, without fully accounting for the random variance of roulette as a game of pure luck and not skill.  Thus any strategy should be based on managing your bankroll as opposed to predicting or placing expectations on when a certain number will drop. 

With low limit roulette, there is less pressure on the bankroll and more emphasis on fun in learning the subtleties of this classic game of chance.

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