Low Limit Baccarat

Low Limit Baccarat

Low limit baccarat is very popular among lower stakes players who enjoy casino games with cards but don’t want to spend too much time learning rules and strategies.

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These days, players can find all sorts of games across all stakes at various online casinos. Low limit baccarat has certainly gained in popularity in the recent years as casual players have started to discover the game which once used to be available only to high profile gamblers.

Low limit baccarat tables are mostly available in the electronic format but there are also some casinos hosting lower stakes live games. So, there are plenty of options out there for experienced players and those just learning the ropes alike.

Low limit baccarat games aren’t readily available in most live casinos. With baccarat being one of the lowest house-edge games, many venues opt to either not host it at all or only offer it for higher stakes. Online venues don’t have to deal with these problems nearly as much and they are able to offer the game across various limits.

Generally speaking, any table allowing with the minimum bet of $1 (or even lower in case of some electronic games) and the maximum of $5 is considered a low limit baccarat game. It is geared towards players with smaller bankrolls who still want to try their hand at the game.

Basics of Low Limit Baccarat

Regardless of the stakes, baccarat is always played using the same set of rules which may vary slightly depending on the particular variation. Thus, even those who generally play at higher stakes can use low stakes tables to learn about the game and its rules before moving on to high limit tables.

The game is played using a shoe containing several decks of standard playing cards (usually six or eight). At the start of each round, two hands are dealt – one for the player and for the banker. Before the cards are out, players can place their bets on the side they believe will win.

After the initial deal is done and any additional cards are drawn as dictated by the rules of low limit baccarat, the hand with the highest total wins. The best possible total in baccarat is 9, which is often referred to as the Natural.

Players betting on the winning side will get paid 1 to 1 on their bets. It is also possible to bet on a tie, i.e. that both sides will end up with hands with exactly same totals. If this bet comes in, winners are paid at 8 to 1.

If any side bets are allowed, they will also be adjusted for the stakes so players are able to also place these at low limit baccarat tables without breaking the bank.

Low Limit Baccarat House Edge

As mentioned, baccarat is one of the most favorable casino games in terms of the house edge. The house advantage when players choose to bet on the banker is just 1.06% while the casino edge for the player side is 1.24%. Because of this difference, many casinos will charge a small fee of around 5% when betting on the banker.

The tie bet is much worse for the players as the house edge for this one is over 14%. So, despite the seemingly attractive payout of 8 to 1, this wager should be avoided, at low limit and high limit baccarat tables alike.

Low Limit Baccarat Guides

For all the information about low limit baccarat, rules, strategy tips, advice, and much more, we offer a wide range of free guides useful for newcomers and experienced players alike.

Why Play Low Limit Baccarat?

Players who enjoy casino games with cards and are looking for something new should give low limit baccarat a try. This is a fairly fast-paced game with rules that are easy to learn and no complicated strategies to worry about.

Because of the low house edge, low limit baccarat is also a good choice for players with smaller bankrolls who want to play longer sessions. In most cases, the game doesn’t require a big number of bets and there are no options to double or split (like in blackjack), which makes it much less volatile.

As already mentioned, low stakes baccarat can also be sorts of a training ground for those looking to play at higher limits but don’t have any experience with the game. It’s a good way to get acquainted with it while playing for real money but not risking too much of your bankroll while still getting the feel for it.

Top 3 Tips for Low Limit Baccarat

For those looking to play low limit baccarat at one of the online casinos, whether live or in the electronic format, here’s a few useful tips to adhere to:

  • Stick to the main two bets, i.e. player and banker. Betting on the tie or placing side bets usually increases the house edge by a significant margin and lowers the return to player.
  • Try to find games with most favorable conditions. Low limit baccarat tables usually don’t offer as good perks for the players (such as removing the banker fee) but some casinos will still do it. If you can, try to find those.
  • If you’re new to the game, use low limit baccarat tables to learn the rules and test various strategies before moving up to higher stakes to lower the variance.

How We Rate Low Limit Baccarat Casinos

The rating process for casinos offering low limit baccarat games is similar to the one used for all casinos featured on the site. We have a very detailed and meticulous procedure in place that aims to ensure that the casinos we recommend don’t just have a wide variety of baccarat options but also offer a safe, fair, and player-friendly environment in every sense.


What constitutes a low limit baccarat table?

Usually, any game with the minimum bet of $1 or lower is considered a low limit baccarat game.

Are low baccarat games available online?

Yes. There are quite a few online casinos offering low stakes baccarat tables and you can even play with live dealers.

Is there a winning strategy for low limit baccarat?

No. While there are certain strategies that you can apply while playing, none of them will negate the inherent house edge.

Are there any differences between low and high stakes baccarat games?

Yes but not many. All the important rules are the same but high limit games can be slightly more favorable for the player.

Can I play low limit baccarat on my phone?

Yes. A majority of online casinos these days make it possible to play a variety of games on the go, including all sorts of low limit baccarat games.

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