Low Limit Baccarat

Experience a high roller game without risking your roll.

There are those that may say that low limit baccarat is an oxymoron; however, why should only the most privileged get to enjoy one of casino game's most elegant and thrilling games of chance?

Players can experience baccarat thrills such as banker bets, player bets, and tie bets according to the same rules as high stakes baccarat.  Either way, the house edge on banker bets remains 1.06%, the house edge on player bets remains 1.24% and the house edge on tie bets stays above 14%.  Banker bet wagers require an additional 5% commission to the house on all winning payouts, also known as the Vigorish. 

Low limit baccarat games are rare at traditional casinos because of the operating costs of using the space—which casinos naturally want to use on high stakes games with bigger bets and house payments.  Land-based casinos inherently prefer to offer roulette and craps tables as well as slot machine games with a higher house edge.  Online there are no such operating costs of course, so a whole new opportunity to enjoy the thrills of baccarat has popped up in the virtual casino environment!

Play-wise, there are some limitations to low limit baccarat beyond the bets.  Standard high limit baccarat will always offer substantially better payout odds than low limit baccarat.  Thus low limit baccarat is a low expectation game, which is not necessarily what thrill seekers prefer, but does limit the player's exposure to loss in a game of pure luck, whose simplicity and luck has been compared to a coin flip.

Not everyone can afford to be as casual about their bankroll as a “coin flip,” but that does not mean they cannot have some fun with this classic game!

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