Live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack is one of the most popular games to play online and the technology behind the scenes is making it even better than ever. Here, you’ll learn about the top Live Dealer Blackjack games, which casinos to play, and what to expect.

Best Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

Live Dealer Blackjack Master Guide

Live blackjack online with a real dealer – it’s the closest you’ll ever get to playing across a real live dealer, or other players, without having to go to a brick-and-mortar casino. In the past, the only way to play blackjack online was on animated RNG tables. While those games are still available, it will be very hard to go back once you’ve been dealt your cards in real time, by a real dealer.

Top Live Dealer Blackjack Casinos

So, you’re still playing on an animated blackjack table? You are probably having a decent time, but, until you’ve been dealt by a highly trained dealer that is working on a genuine blackjack table using real cards, you won’t really comprehend what you’re missing. You can play live dealer blackjack from virtually any device, desktop or mobile, and the action will be delivered faster than you can blink, giving you the most realistic online blackjack experience of your life.

Your name will appear on the table at the position you’re sitting, and you just play as you would at your favorite brick and mortar casino. You can talk to the dealer using the live chat function and hear them throughout the entire time, so you won’t miss anything. You can act exactly as you would on a casino blackjack floor. You will not need to trust any software to shuffle the deck as you’ll see it happening right in front of your eyes.

Only Play Live Dealer Blackjack at Trusted Casinos

  • Every casino offers live dealer blackjack and is verified & safe.
  • All casinos are fully licensed and recommended by our experts.
  • Our recommended casinos offer multiple types of live dealer blackjack for real money play.
  • Fast & convenient cash-outs supported by multiple payment methods.

Live Dealer Blackjack Guide

In this guide, you’ll learn about the history of live dealer blackjack, how it differs from land-based and more traditional online blackjack, the variations of live dealer blackjack available, the rules and how to play, the convenience of playing on a mobile device, and about other live games that are taking the world by storm. After you’ve read this, you’ll be ready to sign up and login to your favorite trusted online casino and play blackjack against a live dealer, with confidence.

Land vs Online Vs Live Dealer

Land-Based Casino Blackjack

Pros - The experience is unforgettable. Being on a casino floor just hits different. Players can enjoy a great atmosphere. You can socialize with other people, meet friends, and hear all the buzz around the floor. Live casinos usually offer a terrific vibe that cannot be found at an online casino.

Cons - For some people, there is too much noise on a casino floor, and it can be very disturbing and even frustrating.
Moreover, land-based casinos do not offer things like bonuses, nor do they have the same diversity of games to choose from.

Online Blackjack

Pros – You can play online blackjack anywhere you have an internet connection. There are no closing hours, you can play wherever and whenever you want. There are also endless variations and styles of online blackjack games. Online blackjack is also very fast, and players can play way more hands in much less time.

Cons – Arguably, biggest disadvantage for online blackjack is the lack of socialization.
Security can also be an issue, but, players can be sure they are playing a fair game by playing at a trusted casino site. Because the game is so fast, players run the risk of losing more hands and more money in a short amount of time.

Live Dealer Blackjack

Pros – The biggest advantage of live dealer blackjack is its inherent transparency. Nothing is left to question as everything is right in front of you in real time. The social aspect with live dealer blackjack is far better than with online and does get close to brick and mortar.

Cons – Live dealer blackjack is slower than online blackjack and some players might not like the pace. Some players still think that the “canned” atmosphere of a live dealer experience is still not close to a brick-and-mortar casino.

Live Blackjack Types

There was a time where there was just one game of blackjack. That is definitely not the case anymore. Players will find several styles of live dealer blackjack including:

  • Shoe Blackjack - Blackjack dealt using a multiple decks to lessen the chances of card counting, using multiple decks of cards can increase the house edge.
  • Pitch Blackjack - This type of blackjack gets its name from how the cards are dealt to each player at the table. The game does not make use of a shoe since only one or two decks are utilised. There are never more than two decks in the game. The dealer has the deck by his/her side and “pitches” the cards to each player.
  • Blackjack Switch - It is based on blackjack, but two hands, rather than one, are dealt to each playing position, and the player is initially allowed to switch the top two cards between hands.
  • Free Bet Blackjack - player doesn't have to risk his own money when splitting or doubling.

How to Play Live Blackjack

Live dealer blackjack brings the real-life element of playing “21” right to your computer monitor or mobile device. But how do you play? Well, the classic form of blackjack that you may or not have played at a brick-and-mortar casino is essentially exactly the same, but let’s take a closer look.

Step 1: Register or login to your account at a trusted casino.

Step 2: Select Live Dealer Blackjack

Step 3: Choose the table you want to play on, and in most cases, choose the dealer that you want to play with. There are typically hundreds of tables available, but, if you do not have room, most live dealer games allow players to back bet on someone already seated at the table so if they win/lose, so do you.

Step 4: Get seated at your table and choose the amount of money you’d like to bet with.

Step 5: Play. Once seated at your table, you’ll see the dealer in real time. Shuffling the deck, dealing the cards and asking you if you want to hit or stand and you’ll be able to communicate with them as well. You make a wager by choosing the amount you want to bet and if you win, you’ll see your winnings right in front of you.

Playing Live Blackjack on Mobile

Live Dealer Blackjack was already popular when the first online casinos began offering it on their desktop offerings. But this all changed when live dealer blackjack went mobile. Millions of players are using their tablets and mobile devices to play live dealer blackjack and they all say the same thing, “it’s far more convenient than playing on a computer.” The mobile experience does not lack anything from the desktop version and in some cases it’s even better as the screens of the most modern mobiles are better than most desktop monitors. The game is played exactly the same as on desktop and the live dealer casinos have been optimized for smaller screens.

Other Live Games You Can Play

There are many types of games that live dealer casinos now offer. Players should expect to see live dealer roulette, live dealer poker, live dealer baccarat, live wheel games, live dice games, and more. If you can find it at a brick and mortar casino and it requires a dealer to execute, you can expect to find an online live dealer version of it.


At the end of the day, the goal in live dealer blackjack is the same, get to 21 or closer to 21 than the dealer and you win. But, there are some tips that players can try to implement and remember to improve their chances of winning at the live dealer table.

  1. If you’ve got a pair of aces split! Aces gives you the chance of blackjack with just one new card.
  2. Always split 8s. 16 is the worst hand in blackjack as it is still far from 21 and with 16 it is also quite easy to bust.
  3. Never split 10s Two 10s is 20 points and the chance the dealer will strike 21 is relatively low. If you split 10s your chances of deteriorating is high.
  4. Don’t split 6s. Hold if you have a pair of 6s because a split could lead to the worst blackjack hand – 16.

How we Rate Casinos with Live Blackjack

We take great pride in the meticulous ratings that we give all the online casinos and gambling sites that we review. Rest assured that a higher ranking means a more enjoyable platform. We have broken down our rating system critreria in the image below with several categories that we feel forms the core of any great, secure, safe, and trusted site.


Is Live dealer Blackjack rigged?
No. Live dealer blackjack is as transparent as playing the game at a brick-and-mortar casino, but you must remember to play at a trusted casino.

What is the most trusted casino to play live Blackjack?
You can rest-assured that the casinos we have vetted and approved in our Trusted Casino section will all be great options to play live dealer blackjack.

Can I play live Blackjack in every casino?
You will only find live dealer blackjack at an online casino that offers live dealer games.

Can I play multiplayer live Blackjack and where?
Yes. You will be able to play multiplayer live dealer blackjack anywhere that offers live dealer games. It is exactly like playing at a brick and mortar casino.

How does live Blackjack work?
Live dealer blackjack works just the same as the classic game of 21, pending you aren’t playing a variation of the game. You’ll make a bet and receive two cards, after seeing he cards you will be asked to hit or stand and if your total beats the dealer, you’ve won.

Can I speak with the Blackjack live dealer in real time?
Yes, there is a chat feature with the dealer and you’ll be able to hear every word they say as they deal the game. 


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