High Limit Video Poker

High limit poker available at arm's length any time.

Video poker retains its popularity at both land-based and online casinos in this day and age because of its distinct combination of skill and luck.  Like no other wagering game, poker affords players the opportunity to employ strategy and apply skill to a game of chance to form the highest-ranking 5 card hand possible.  Traditional games of video poker make it easy for beginners to learn in the online environment as well as casino environment to develop those skills with minimal risk.   

But for longer term players with the high stakes to play, high limit video poker is a great way to enjoy the added benefits and greater rewards which casinos offer to high roller players. Perks for high limit video poker players include VIP treatment, exclusive rewards and bigger payouts.  By the same token, those risking higher wagers need to be all the more vigilant about managing their pocketbooks, playing only with what they can afford, and recognizing when a streak of luck is over in order to stay ahead.   Once done, the player can fully enjoy (and concentrate on) the pursuit of the significantly higher rewards available from the impressive pay tables of high limit video poker machines.

A sound strategic approach to high limit video poker is to use an hourly wins and losses as a formula to realistically establish your recommended bankroll.  The calculation consists multiplying your average bet size and by the number of wagers per hour, then multiplying that figure by the house edge.  The generated figure represents a realistic estimate of your projected loss per hour in a high or low limit video poker game, keeping in mind that this does not take into account your fluctuating wager results—just consider it the cost of playing.  That's the number that you should compare to the relative profit or loss you experience from your bets to figure out how much you net from your own effective betting and play.  Remember, keeping track of your winnings is essential to enjoyment and safe play, as well as bankroll management.

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