High Limit Craps

There's still nothing like shooting craps with high rollers.

A casino classic for ages, high limit craps has adapted to the times to remain one of the most popular games at online casinos as well as land-based casinos.  Players who love the mathematical wagering of dice roll outcomes will be further delighted with the wide range of betting options available in high stakes craps.  Craps players generally prefer the player-friendly odds that enable strategy to be combined with luck to develop consistency in wagering results.      

High limit craps removes ceilings on wagers, so players with bigger bankrolls can bet without limits to compete for larger payouts.  Land-based casinos typically maintain high limit craps tables by setting betting minimums.

There is a diverse and attractive range of betting options available to players, according to what is really a relatively simple game.  The craps shooter rolls the dice as all players bet either on or against the shooter.  The wagers themselves are placed on individual numbers or a range of numbers likely to come up on each specific roll.  The craps shooter rolls the dice once all bets are placed. 

In the casino, the dice are required to bounce off the opposite end of the table, a feature covered online through innovative graphics and efficient software.   The most common bets placed in craps are Don't Pass bets and Pass bets.  These bets are good for new players because they are solely dependent on the success of the craps shooter, with the first roll that player makes known as the come out roll.  If the roller hits any of the numbers 2, 3 and 12, that roller is replaced by another craps “shooter.”

Besides the graphic rolling feature, online craps offers other advantages.  These include player friendly conditions as the low house edge, and the simpler betting options including the Pass and Don't Pass Bets and the Don't Pass and Come and Don't Come Bets.  

Online casinos preserve a community atmosphere through enabling individual players from around the world to bet in concert on specific shooters provided by the online casino software.  It's always big fun for a group of high rollers from all over the world to find themselves in friendly competition in an online high stakes craps shoot-out!  

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