Looking for a new casino card game? Try Red Dog

Published November 2, 2012

Looking for a new casino card game? Try Red Dog

So, you’ve had enough of Poker and you’re already an expert at Blackjack. Perhaps Baccarat isn’t quite doing it for you. Why not give Red Dog a try?

Red Dog is quite simply a card game unlike any other.  Instead of building a hand with which to beat the dealer, you will be dealt two cards and will then need to bet on whether a third card will fall between your initial two cards or not. If the spread is looking good, you will usually be allowed to double your original bet, adding an extra layer of strategy to the game.

For ease of play, try out the Red Dog game at Noble Casino.  The game is both simple to download and also straightforward to play, with attractive graphics making this a great option. 

Play Red Dog at Swiss Casino and you will discover a quick fire game, with the cards dealt particularly rapidly as one hand quickly follows the next.  The game play is top notch, with a clear and clean bird’s eye view of the table, helping to clarify all your options.  You will also find a handy explanation at Swiss Casino of the possible payouts.  So, depending on the spread (the gap between your two initial cards), you can easily view your potential winnings.

For Red Dog novices, it is also worth checking out Party Casino, where there is a clear and comprehensive explanation of the game and a useful summary to make sure that you understand the rules before you play.

However, wherever you decide to play, Red Dog is a novel card game, which combines luck with a degree of strategy.  Play your cards right and you could find yourself pocketing an excellent cash prize.    

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